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Essay: Goodwill Donations

In the back of my closet I keep a bag for Goodwill so that it is immediately available to receive items I no longer need.

Items that I may never have needed but bought anyway. Items that I have been unable to let go of for reasons of guilt, regret or inertia.

Such as those baggy denim Capri pants. I fooled myself at the store when I looked in the dressing room mirror.

What was I thinking? I wasn’t thinking; I was desperate for a pair of Capri pants. So, I tried shortening them and narrowing them but I rarely tried wearing them.

Finally, I put them in the Goodwill bag and forgive myself. They’re gone, along with my guilt, regret and inertia. Now it’s time to consider the black corduroy blouse that’s too short and the beige linen skirt that’s too tight.

Not to mention various bowls and implements in my kitchen that crowd my cupboards and drawers. I pretend that someday I might use them but meanwhile, they get in my way every day.

Until today.

Today is liberation and forgiveness day.

Someone is waiting to enjoy my denim Capri pants, my pizza cutter, and my garlic peeler.

The bag is full and my conscience is clean.