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Scooby Gang returns to Traverse City for live, drive-in theatre

Scooby Doo Wop
Mashup Rock and Roll
The gang of Mystery Inc. visit Traverse City to uncover a monster in their second episode of Scooby Doo-Wop Two Wop.

Most live theatre performances had to take a break last year, but not the Mashup Rock and Roll Musical theatre troupe.

Their Scooby Doo-wop show sold out in October. The live musical mystery featured parodies of classic doo-wop songs. Now, because of its popularity, the gang is back for a second episode this year.

The troupe initially planned on performing inside, but when COVID hit last year, they quickly realized that wouldn’t be happening. So, they adapted.

Your ticket is for your parking spot, says Director Lesley Tye, so you stay in your car the entire show.

“So we text you throughout the show – different clues, videos, puzzles – so you can help try to solve the mystery,” she says. “We’ll be delivering the audio for the musical numbers through everyone’s FM Radios.”

The first half of the show takes place at the Old Town Playhouse, then you drive to Northwestern Michigan College for Act two.

The show features some local lore –– the ghost of Perry Hannah appeared in the first episode.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to have seen the first one to understand Scooby Doo-Wop Two Wop.

“This is just another episode of the Scooby gang,” says Tye “Coming up from where they are to come help somebody in Traverse City with a monster that's on the loose.”

This show will have more of an ecology focus, and like the last one, will feature songs written by Tye.

“I’m really excited about our re-write of ‘One Fine Day,’ which is a classic song of a girl pining over a boy and someday he’ll love me, and we turn it into a feminist anthem.”

The mission of the Mashup Rock and Roll Musical theatre troupe is telling original stories that promote inclusion. Tye says this show lives up to that.

“The whole story itself is about ‘embrace the weird.’ That the weird is something to be celebrated,” says Tye. “Whoever you are as a person, there's a place for you. The story itself...is very much geared towards that [with] the lyrics of the songs. I don’t want to give anything away, but maybe monsters aren’t always something to be afraid of.”

Scooby Doo-Wop Two Wop is happening May 1, 2, 8 and 9 in Traverse City. You can find more information about the show at their website.