Classical new release: 'Haydn: String Quartets, op. 64'

Mar 27, 2018

The Doric String Quartet is in the process of recording all of Franz Joseph Haydn's string quartets. They recently released their third volume of quartets. This new two-disc set features all six quartets from Haydn's opus 64.

Haydn composed all six of the op. 64 quartets in 1790, at the same time that he was leaving his long-time employment as a court composer and exploring options as a freelance composer in London. The most famous of the six quartets is no. 5, called "The Lark" for its soaring, birdlike themes. 

This collection of Haydn's op. 64 quartets joins the Doric String Quartet's recordings of Haydn's op. 20 and op. 76 quartets.