New age music show not just for 'space cadets': this week on The Green Room

Nov 3, 2016


Frank Slaughter has been producing Repose for almost 30 years. It's a show that airs on Classical IPR and features new age music. 

Frank says during that time, the genre has evolved to the point where some people now call it zone music.

“I think they felt that new age was turning a lot of people off," he says. "Like a space cadet show or something.”

Regardless of what you call this kind of music, you have been able to hear it on Repose every Saturday night. But now, you can hear it every weeknight as well.

When Frank was hired by IPR in 1986, it was to read the news and sell some advertising. But, eventually the program director at the time, gave him the opportunity to produce his own show.

At that time, a pianist by the name of George Winston was becoming popular. "I really liked the George Winston stuff, so I said, 'Well, that's what I'll do,'" Frank explains.

He says he was attracted to the introspective aspect of the music.

"To be able to put something on and not really think about it too much," he says. "That's what appealed to me."

When Frank started Repose, he didn't have a large selection to choose from. He estimates he had between 15 - 20 vinyl records, and about as many CDs. Now, he's got over 400 CD's in his collection.

With such a large selection to pick from, Frank says he chooses music based on what speaks to him personally.

"The bottom line is, I just look for what I like to listen to," he says. 

Frank Slaughter hopes to keep producing Repose as long as possible. He says he's excited to bring listeners the show every weeknight, in addition to Saturday evenings.

Repose can be heard Monday - Friday from 11pm - 12am, and Saturday nights from 10pm - 11pm on Classical IPR