National Writers Series: Benjamin Percy On Transcending Genre

Sep 17, 2013

Benjamin Percy’s critically acclaimed novel "Red Moon" began as a 6th grade report on werewolves.

"You know, I received a B-minus on this paper,” he told a crowd at the City Opera House in Traverse City. “Which is one of the many reasons it feels so good to say--you know, to hold this book in my hands and say, 'In your face, Mrs. Ziegenhagen!’" 

"Red Moon" transcends its origins in the genre of monster fiction, transporting the werewolf story to modern America and the war on terror. His fiction and nonfiction have been read on National Public Radio, performed at Symphony Space, and published in numerous magazines.

Our moderator this hour is Percy's friend and fellow writer, Jeremy Chamberlin. 

Produced for radio by Linnaea Melcarek.