Kids Commute - Request Week! Friday

May 31, 2019

This statue of Sir Edward Elgar sits on the corner of the street in Worcester where Elgar grew up.

Happy Friday!  It’s the final day of Request Week on Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio.  All week long, we’ve been celebrating a fantastic school year by letting our listeners choose the music for the week.  We’ve heard some film music, a piano piece that’s a favorite of classical music fans everywhere, and music written for orchestra.  Today, Noah has chosen a piece that’s very appropriate for the end of the school year. “Pomp and Circumstance,” is a military march composed by Sir Edward Elgar.  It’s pretty famous because it’s played at almost every graduation ceremony across the country. Noah chose it because he wanted to congratulate the graduating class of 2019.  What a nice guy! Of course, after the music we’ll give you the answer to the Kids Commute Quizlet of the school year. Also, it’s a bittersweet day for Kids Commute, because it’s the final day of our school year.  Yes, we know that many of you Kids Commuters had so many snow days this year that you’ve got a few more days left to go before your summer break begins.  But the Kids Commute bus made it through all the snow and ice over the past winter, so after today, it’s time for our break to begin. The good news is that while you’re on your summer break, the Kids Commute team will actually be working all summer long, planning and writing season three of Kids Commute.  We hope you enjoyed the second season of Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio. See you in the fall!

KC 2159
Military March No. 1, “Pomp and Circumstance”
Composer:  Sir Edward Elgar
Conductor/Orchestra: Andrew Litton/2008 World Youth Symphony Orchestra