Kids Commute - Minimalism Week! Thursday

Oct 25, 2018

KC 238: Today's composer, Steve Reich. He's performing "Clapping Music" with musician Ian Oliver (not pictured).
Credit Ian Oliver, 2006 (the other half of this "Clapping Music" performance)

Happy Thursday, Kids Commuters! Welcome to Day Four of MINIMALISM Week on IPR's Kids Commute!

We're listening to fascinating examples of minimalism this week. Minimalism is a musical movement in which little things mean a lot. The music uses simple tunes, harmonies and rhythms to create a complex sound. Some minimalist music isn't intended to be heard as a tune you hum along to - the composer just wants you to be present with interesting sounds for a while.

Today's nifty piece of music plays tricks on your ears, with what our friend Matthew Duvall refers to as "rhythmic perception." Matthew is the percussionist of the Grammy-Award winning contemporary classical ensemble Eighth Blackbird. He visited IPR this summer and spent some time teaching us about minimalist composers like Steve Reich, who created the "Clapping Music" we'll hear today.

KC 238
"Clapping Music"
Composer: Steve Reich
Performers: Steve Reich/Kristjan Jarvi
Special guest: Matthew Duvall

Here's today's Kids Commute:

Composer Steve Reich and Kristjan Jarvi perform "Clapping Music" in this video. Neat!!