Kids Commute - Gulliver’s Travels Week! Tuesday

Feb 5, 2019

Map of Brobdingnag from the original Gulliver's Travels
Credit Kids Commute - Music Appreciation for Kids - Classical Music

We’re glad you’re joining us for the second day of Gulliver’s Travels Week on Kids Commute - classical music appreciation for kids - from Interlochen Public Radio. All week long, we’re giving highlights of the story written by Jonathan Swift. Today, we use the music of Georg Philipp Telemann, composed in 1728, to tell the next installment of the story.

Yesterday, we introduced the story and told you about the Lilliputians and the people of Blefescu. One thing you’ll discover today is that Jonathan Swift had no shortage of creative fictional names for his characters! Today, we introduce you to the Brobingnagians and tell you about the gigue that Telemann composed for these mysterious people and why he wrote music inspired by Jonathan Swift’s story. If you haven’t guessed the correct answer to the Kids Commute Quizlet, we’ll give you a hint after the music in today’s show. If you get the answer correct, we’ll send you a Kids Commute Prize Pack!

KC 286
"Lilliputian Dance/Brobingnagian Gigue"
Composer: Georg Philipp Telemann
Performers: Andrew Manze/Caroline Balding