GT County Libertarian would divert higher education money to early childhood ed

Aug 8, 2016

Credit Kelly Clark

Libertarians want to make government smaller, which usually means reducing spending and cutting programs. But Libertarian Kelly Clark, a Traverse City Area Public Schools board member, says he would vote to spend more on early childhood development.

Clark is a retired teacher who is running for the state’s 104th District. He also owns a Traverse City-based restoration business.

“I think probably if there is an area where we really need to spend more resources, it’s in early childhood development,” Clark says. “And all of the data and research supports that.”

Clark says he wants to divert money from higher education to early childhood education.

“I think it’s crazy that the state of Michigan allocates about $2 billion for higher education, especially when the universities and community colleges have the ability to raise tuition,” Clark says.

Clark says he would work to put the reins on state government if elected.

“The smaller you can make government, I think the better off we all are.”

Clark faces two opponents in the 104th District this November: Rep. Larry Inman, a Republican incumbent, and Democrat Betsy Coffia.

An extended interview with Kelly Clark is available below.