Enbridge reveals new spots missing coating on Line 5

Nov 14, 2017

State officials say they’re troubled by a new safety report from Enbridge Energy on Line 5. The report says there are more spots that have been laid bare to the metal because its safety coating has worn off.

Enbridge reported that to state officials Monday.  

The company is being called before the Michigan Pipeline Safety Commission next month to give a status report on Line Five.

Guy Jarvis of Enbridge says Line Five is safe, but the company has done a poor job of sharing details on how it’s managed.

“We need to be more transparent about all things going on around Line Five, not just the things we think represent the highest potential from a risk perspective,” Jarvis says.

Line Five runs beneath the Straits of Mackinac between lakes Huron and Michigan.    

The company says seven of eight bare spots will be repaired before winter sets in. One repair will have to wait until next year.
The Michigan Pipeline Safety Commission plans to call Enbridge to testify at its December 11th meeting on the status of Line Five maintenance.