Catholic Parish Bans Gay Man From Ministering

Jun 17, 2014

A gay man from Marquette has been told he can no longer actively participate in mass at his local Catholic parish.

Bobby Glenn Brown and his partner, Don Roberts.
Credit WNMU Marquette

The mandate from St. Michael’s came after Bobby Glenn Brown held a commitment ceremony Saturday with his partner of 31 years.

“The priest told me because of my ‘fake’ ceremony I would no longer be able to minister at St. Michael,” he told public radio station WNMU in Marquette. “That meant cantoring or lecturing. And that if I wanted to participate I could sit in the vestibule and listen.”

Brown left the church.  Five members of the congregation accompanied him in protest. 

Marquette Bishop John Doerfler issued a statement saying adhering to Church teachings is required to minister, but it doesn’t disqualify anyone from being a member.