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Benjamin Busch is an actor who has appeared on "The Wire," "Homicide" and "The West Wing." He was a U.S. Marine Corps Infantry Officer who served two tours of combat duty in Iraq, once in 2003 and again in 2005. When serving in Iraq, Benjamin Busch took hundreds of photographs. Many of those images are now part of an exhibit called "The Art in War." It’s on display in Traverse City’s Dennos Museum through mid-June. On this edition of"Points North," we’ll talk with Benjamin Busch about his photographs and his new memoir, "Dust to Dust."

This month on Michigan Writers on the Air, Aaron Stander will have a conversation with two poets at very different points in their careers, Jennifer Steinorth and Fleda Brown, Then poet Arturo Mantecon will explain the special challenges of translating poetry from Spanish to EnglishAt the end Fleda Brown will provide some final reflections on National Poetry Month.

Join us for the National Writers Series broadcast, featuring a conversation between authors Paula McClain and Jodi Picoult. They talk about the craft of writing, their inspiration, and why making a movie out of a book is sort of like giving up a baby for adoption.

This month on Michigan Writers on the Air, Aaron Stander will have a conversation with Ben Busch about his stunning new memoir, Dust to Dust. Then playwright Anne-Marie Oomen and Director Janette Mason will explain how new plays are revised during the rehearsal processAt the end Fleda Brown will provide a commentary on the current Poet Laureate of the United State, native Detroiter, Phillip Levine.

Arc Of Justice: Author Kevin Boyle

Mar 15, 2012

In 1920s Detroit a young, black doctor gets married and looks to settle down in a comfortable neighborhood. But after defending his home from mob attack, he ends up on trial for murder. The case exposes the injustice of a system designed to keep black people out of white neighborhoods. But it would take decades more to win the fight against "red lining" and other forms of residential segregation. By then it was too late. Detroit, and cities across the north, remain heavily segregated to this day.

National Writers Series: Vince Gilligan

Feb 29, 2012

Listen in as local Best-Selling Author Doug Stanton interviews the creator of TV's "Breaking Bad."

This month on Michigan Writers on the Air, Aaron Stander will have a conversation with Jack Driscoll about his new collection of short stories, The World of a Few Minutes Ago.Also this month Teresa Scollon will read from her new collection of poems, To Embroider the Ground with Prayer,and Fleda Brown will provide a retrospective on the work of Michigan poet Judith Minty.

This month on Michigan Writers on the Air, we will be rebroadcasting two popular interviews from our 2011 programs: Paula McLain discussing her bestselling book on Ernest and Hadley Hemingway, The Paris Wife, and one of the grand masters of American crime fiction, Sara Paretsky, discussing her long-running relationship with detective V.I. Warshawski. At the end, regular contributor, poet and essayist Fleda Brown will review a new book by poet Linda Paston.

Novelist Jodi Picoult will appear at the National Writers Series in Traverse City this year. The line-up for the winter and spring was announced today.

Picoult has written nearly 20 books, including the best seller 19 Minutes, a fictional account of a high school shooting in a small town.

Also coming to the book festival in Traverse City this year are journalist and author Anna Quindlen and Michael Sandel, the host of the PBS show "Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?".

This month on the show we talk with one of the region's more popular authors: Jerry Dennis, on his recent essay collection The Windward Shore. Also Frank Slaughter talks about his debut novel, Echoes of a Distant Thunder. The show airs Wednesday and Sunday at 1:00pm.

This month on Michigan Writers on the Air, Aaron Stander will have a conversation with Jerry Dennis about his new collection of essays, The Windward Shore: Winter on the Great Lakes. Also this month, Frank Slaughter will read from his terrific debut novel Echoes of a Distant Thunder, and Fleda Brown will review Jim Daniels' newest book, Have a Little Talk with Capital P Poetry.

Michigan Writers On The Air - October 19, 2011

Nov 29, 2011

On this month's "Michigan Writers on the Air" host Aaron Stander talks with former ad man George Dila about his new collection of short stories, "Nothing More to Tell." Loreen Niewenhuis will talk about her book, "A 1000-Mile Walk on the Beach." And poet and regular contributor Fleda Brown will review Laura Kasischke's latest volume of poetry. 

This month on Michigan Writers on the Air, Aaron Stander will have a conversation with Jim Harrison about his newest novel, The Great Leader, and Fleda Brown will be reviewing Harrison's newest book of poetry,Songs of Unreason. Also this month, Steve Amick, Anne-Marie Oomen, and Keith Taylor will read excerpts from their stories in a new collection from Wayne State University Press: Ghost Writers: Us Haunting Them.

This month on Michigan Writers on the Air, Aaron Stander will have a conversation with veteran ad-man George Dila about his new collection of short stories, Nothing More to Tell. Then he will talk with Loreen Niewenhaus about her book, A 1000-mile Walk on the Beach. At the end, regular contributor, poet and essayist Fleda Brown will review Laura Kasischke's newest volume of poetry.

This month on Michigan Writers on the Air, Aaron Stander will be having a conversation with Elizabeth Buzzelli about her newest crime novel, Dead Dogs and Englishmen. In the middle he will be chatting with Veteran Journalist Jacob Wheeler about his book on third-world adoptions,Between Light and Shadow.  At the end, regular contributor, poet and essayist Fleda Brown will share some thoughts on American poet Edna St. Vincent Millay.

Writer's Quest To Know Great Lakes

Sep 23, 2011

Jerry Dennis is a writer from Traverse City who has been writing about the Great Lakes region for decades now. His newest book is en extended meditation on the Lakes in winter time. It's called Windward Shore: A Winter on the Great Lakes, published by University of Michigan Press. At the front Dennis suggests the lakes might be the most poorly understood place in North America. So with the help of injured knee to slow him down, he devotes himself to understanding them better. He spoke with Peter Payette on Points North.

South Of Superior

Aug 3, 2011

A new novel tells the story of a remote northern lumber town, turned tourist destination. It's an idyllic place on the shore of Lake Superior. It's also a place of harsh winters, poverty, hard work, and small-town infighting. Author Ellen Airgood joins us this week to discuss her debut work: South of Superior.

Today on the National Writers Series, war correspondent, filmmaker and author, Sebastian Junger. Junger has written about the world's most dangerous professions, from sailors to fire fighters to soldiers. His most recent book War, follows an U.S. Army platoon on a 15 month tour through the Korengal Valley Afghanistan.

Laughing Whitefish

May 25, 2011

Humorist Roy Blount, Jr. Speaks In Traverse City

May 11, 2011

The National Writers Series continues tonight, with an appearance by humorist Roy Blount, Jr.

Blount has written 22 books including his latest, "Alpahabetter Juice : the Joy of Text." It's a sequel to "Alphabet Juice."

He's a regular on "A Prairie Home Companion" and "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me." 

I talked with him in the studio earlier today and laughed heartily. Our entire discussion (about 20 minutes) is posted above.

National Writers Series - Paula McLain

May 4, 2011

This week on the National Writer's Series, Paula McLain author of "The Paris Wife".  Set in the 1920's this novel chronicles the marriage of Hadley Richardson and Ernest Hemingway.

National Writers Series - Sarah Brokaw

Mar 16, 2011

Sarah Brokaw says whatever else is going on in woman's life when she nears forty, their biggest worry is the calendar. The daughter of former NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw, spoke about her book, Fortytude at the National Writer Series in Traverse City this month. Hear an evening with Sarah Brokow on IPR News Radio.

National Writers Series

Jan 6, 2011

Writers Series Announces Lineup

Jan 6, 2011

Organizers of the National Writers Series have announced some of the authors coming to Traverse City this year.

Kicking-off the 2011 series, two writers from the television series "Mad Men" will share stories about writing for the small screen.

The series continues with Sarah Brokaw, Paula McLain, Roy Blount, Jr., and an evening highlighting Michigan authors including Michael Delp and Bonnie Jo Campbell.

Later this fall, satirist David Sedaris will come to town, and there will be a thrillers and crime-writers event.

You're invited to join IPR News Radio for the next program in the Traverse City National Writers Series. The program was recorded in the Traverse City Opera House and features New York Times best-selling authors Karl Marlantes and Philip Caputo. The pair published two of the most influential books ever written about Vietman: Marlantes' "Matterhorn" and Caputo's "A Rumor of War."