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An 18-year-old man from Mancelona has died after swimming near Traverse City's Clinch Park Marina.

Police say Michael Knudson was swimming with a friend near the F dock of the marina when he appeared to be shocked and then disappeared. His friend says he also felt an electric shock but was able to make it back to the dock.

Police are investigating what might have happened to cause the drowning.

UPDATE 5:00 p.m.

Jury Could Hear Carlson Shooting Case

Jan 6, 2011

A federal judge has ruled in favor of former Grand Traverse County sheriff Scott Fewins in a wrongful death lawsuit that goes back to a 2007 police scene.

But it remains a question whether a deputy and sharp-shooter used excessive force when he killed Craig Carlson. That may go to trial this fall.

Craig Carlson died by a single bullet, after an all-night standoff with police at his home in Interlochen. He was 49. Three years after his death, and it's the final moments of his life that remain a mystery.

Former GT County Sheriff Dismissed From Lawsuit

Jan 5, 2011

A civil lawsuit against Grand Traverse County and former Sheriff Scott Fewins has been dismissed by a federal judge.  But the sniper who shot Craig Carlson in November 2007 could still end up before a jury. Deputy Charles Jetter is accused by Carlson's family of using excessive force.

Carlson Case Continues Toward Trial

May 13, 2010

A lawsuit over the death of an Interlochen man who died by police sniper back in 2007 continues toward trial in federal District Court. A possible settlement has been rejected, and sealed.

Craig Carlson died after an all-night standoff with police at his home. His family has sued Grand Traverse County, former Sheriff Scott Fewins, and others who were on the scene that night.

Traverse City State Hospital

Oct 7, 2009

Twenty years ago this month, the State of Michigan locked the doors of the Traverse City Regional Psychiatric Hospital.

 At any one time, the State Hospital was home to thousands of patients and steady work for hundreds of employees.

On the next Points North here on Interlochen Public Radio, we'll take a tour of the building with some former employees.

And we'll hear former patients.

 And we'll learn about the impact this landmark property continues to have across Northern Michigan.

 That's Points North on Interlochen Public Radio.