Delays expected at the Mackinac Bridge this weekend

May 20, 2020

As parts of Northern Michigan re-open this weekend, the Mackinac Bridge Authority is preparing for Memorial Day traffic. 


Back in mid-March, the Mackinac Bridge Authority stopped accepting cash in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. 


That means Memorial weekend travellers will need to pay with a credit or debit card or a digital payment, like Google Pay or Apple Pay. 



Today on Stateside, the state budget needs to be approved by Governor Gretchen Whitmer tonight to avoid a partial government shutdown. But the governor has been vocal about her displeasure with the bills sent to her by the state Legislature. So what are her options? Plus, how can Michigan do more to recruit and retain a diverse teaching staff? 

Automakers spend a lot of time and money touting the safety features of their vehicles, all of which have dramatically improved safety for drivers and passengers.

But despite greater and more advanced safety measures, the National Safety Council tells us America is on track to have its highest traffic death toll since 2007, when over 41,000 people died on our country’s roads.

As we move through the early 21st century, technology continues to grow by leaps and bounds. That got Stateside producer Mike Blank to wonder: Just when does formerly cutting edge technology become obsolete?

Unless you’ve been blessed enough to never have had to ride in or drive a car, you know the sound of the tried and true blinker.

The National Motorists Association has declared June to be “Lane Courtesy Month.”

We’ve all seen them: cars cruising happily down the highway in the left lane, drivers unaware or uncaring that they are actually breaking the law.

Lt. Michael Shaw of the Michigan State Police joined us to talk about these so-called “left-lane hogs.”

Bat not in the way of Cass Road bridge rebuild

Feb 16, 2015
New York Department of Environmental Conservation

A bridge south of Traverse City could be rebuilt starting next year, and it turns out a troubled species of bat will not get in the way. The federal government is still weighing whether to list the northern long-eared bat as endangered or threatened.

Some drivers thought this would be the year they’d see a two-lane replacement for the outdated, one-lane bridge on Cass Road. Grand Traverse County officials had said the long-eared bat’s federal protection could mean a year’s delay of the project.

Cass Road bridge still alive

Jan 22, 2015
Tom Carr

There may not be a “Bridge Out Ahead” sign for Traverse City drivers after all. County commissioners have backed off from a proposal to pull funding for a replacement to a Cass Road bridge.

The run-down, one-lane crossing is to be taken out when a connected dam is demolished next year. Some commissioners feel it is not worth the expense to replace, believing what is needed is a larger bridge just to the north.

The Michigan Department of Transportation is looking for public input on what to do with Division Street in Traverse City. The busy street has long been considered dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists.

It’s often difficult and dangerous to cross Division Street – a major artery that divides residential neighborhoods. The debate over what to do about safety and congestion on the state-managed street has been going on for years.

Todd Mundt/Flickr

 Downtown Traverse City has a parking problem, which has prompted city leaders to give away bus passes to people who work downtown. A new pilot program is offering up unlimited six-month passes to 50 people. The passes will be good from July through December on Village and City Loops (fixed routes) of the Bay Area Transportation Authority (BATA).

Michigan's Transportation Director Kirk Steudle planned to bike from Lake Leelanau into Traverse City for the Smart Commute Week breakfast Monday. But his trip was rained out. Steudle says Traverse City is a leader in Michigan in building alternative networks for getting around.