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New legislation in the Michigan House would create a program for importing pharmaceutical drugs from Canada.

Lawmakers behind the bill say the goal is to give state residents access to prescription drugs that can be found more cheaply in Canada.

Linda Stephan

At Interlochen Public Radio, we first met Mike and Stacey Fekete at their Benzie County home last spring, when their grief for their son was very raw. Jake Fekete had died only weeks before of a drug overdose. His family believes Jake was trying to medicate his depression with drugs that had not been prescribed for him.

His parents shared their story as part of an Interlochen Public Radio series looking at the community response to a number of drug-related deaths in the close-knit county. 

Linda Stephan

  IPR has been reporting recently on reaction in Benzie County after a slew of overdose deaths, six deaths in two years. We’ve talked about everything from drug testing and education to life-saving measures during an overdose. But the parents of one victim say none of this really gets at the root of the problem.

Sarah Esper

Recent deaths in Benzie County from drug overdoses have left the community stunned.

The sheriff has been trying to track down the sources of those drugs. A suspect was arraigned just this week on charges related to an overdose back in February. But the drug community is notoriously tight-lipped and getting at the biggest pushers is a real challenge for law enforcement – especially under the tight budget constraints of Benzie County.

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People with unused and expired medications can get rid of them through police and sheriff’s departments across the state Saturday. It’s an effort to rid medicine cabinets of expired and unwanted medications that are at risk of being abused or stolen.

Enforcement officials across northern Michigan say drugs are a growing problem, especially prescription opiates and the related street drug heroin.