Brian Kay

The word “fighting” is back on the football stadium at Petoskey High School. The word was removed from the phrase “Home of the Fighting Northmen” last weekend, spurring a backlash from parents.

Brian Kay created a Facebook page in opposition to the name change.

“It’s my opinion that the school board and the administration did not realize they were doing wrong," says Kay. "The people have voiced their opinion that that’s not what they wanted and it appears that the administration and the school board has listened.”

Brian Kay

A decision to remove the word “fighting” from the football stadium at Petoskey High School has some parents up in arms. A slogan over Curtis Field used to say “home of the fighting Northmen” but the word “fighting” was painted over this weekend.


One of the books making many of the best books of 2014 lists was set largely in Michigan. But a book about life in Michigan after a pandemic might not be what you want to read when you are sick.


I found this book when I was Up North on a rainy weekend with only 100 pages left in the last book on my reading list.


Luckily, Petoskey has a real bookstore.

"Can I help you?" asked the guy working at McLean and Eakin.

"I don't know what to read next."

Petoskey Restricts Fireworks

Apr 2, 2014
David Monro/Flickr

The City of Petoskey has joined a growing list of municipalities banning larger, consumer fireworks. The fireworks, which were legalized across the state in 2012, are now banned in Petoskey except on the day before, the day of and the day after a federal holiday.

City Public Safety Director John Calabrese says Petoskey chose the most restrictive option allowed under current state law. Even on those days when fireworks are allowed, in Petoskey they must go silent from 1:00am to 8:00 am.

McLaren Northern Michigan Announces Cuts

Feb 26, 2014
Linda Stephan

Today the hospital serving Petoskey and Cheboygan announced it is cutting 43 workers, and reducing hours for another 100 of its employees. McLaren Northern Michigan says changes are effective immediately.

The move continues a trend of cost-cutting layoffs in Petoskey that stretches back several years to its time as an independent hospital.

Cheboygan has also seen significant cutbacks in recent years, as in-patient hospital services were eliminated following a bankruptcy and sale in 2012.

Alan Cleaver/Flickr

A new report shows the Ludington and Petoskey areas are among some of the hardest areas in the state to get help with mental health problems – including anxiety and depression.

The report highlights problems with access to mental healthcare providers, even as mental health insurance coverage is expected to improve at the start of the year with the Affordable care Act.

Linda Stephan

Leaders at the hospital in Petoskey say they plan to lay off 30 workers, including some managers. McLaren – Northern Michigan leaders have not said which positions will be eliminated.

Hospital leaders blame current across-the-board federal budget cuts, saying sequester cuts to Medicare will cost the hospital over a million dollars by the end of September.

In a statement, hospital leaders also say Congress is negotiating a budget that could mean even further reductions to the government insurers Medicare and Medicaid.

Petoskey Hospital Announces Cuts, Layoffs

Nov 10, 2010

Leaders at Northern Michigan Regional Hospital in Petoskey have announced major cuts to health services.

As part of the cost savings, the hospital will end inpatient mental health services, and babies who need more than a couple hours on a ventilator will be sent for care in Traverse City or Grand Rapids.

About 65 people will lose their jobs, and the hospital hopes to trim nine million dollars from the budget by the middle of next month, as the hospital's new fiscal year begins.