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Rebecca Reynolds and Jim Carpenter work on their podcast 'Hollywood and Crime' from their home in Leland.
Dan Wanschura

Rebecca Reynolds and her husband, Jim Carpenter are filmmakers from Leland, Michigan.  About two years ago, Rebecca had a conversation with a friend in Los Angeles. Together, they came up with the concept for a true crime and Hollywood show.

Amanda Holmes

Small harbors in Michigan have a big problem. Over time, access to harbors gets blocked by sand and sediment, and the harbor needs to be dredged. But the money to pay for dredging just isn’t there anymore.

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Kurt Siegler

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There's been a lot of pop-culture chatter about who is performing at Donald Trump's inauguration Friday — and who has refused, as well as who was or was not ever asked.

Gage Skidmore

The NPR Politics team and reporters across the newsroom will be live-annotating a news conference with President-elect Donald Trump.

NPR will be fact-checking and providing background to his remarks in real-time, paying special attention to any comments about conflicts of interest, health care and national security.

Colin Marshall/NPR

The NPR Politics team and reporters across the newsroom live-annotated President Obama's farewell address in Chicago Tuesday night.

The team added fact-checks and background to Obama's comments as he gave them, paying particular attention to remarks on his legacy, national security, health care and foreign policy, among other topics.


After a 37-year run, Diane Rehm is retiring.

She’d served notice to her legions of loyal listeners that she would see out the election and then step away from The Diane Rehm Show.

Much as Garrison Keillor hand-picked his successor Chris Theil for A Prairie Home Companion, Rehm personally selected her own: radio journalist Joshua Johnson.

Johnson sat down with us today to talk about how he plans to follow in Rehm’s shoes and what he plans to do with his new show, 1A.

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Michigan State Police

A joint effort has led to the arrest of nine people who law enforcement say conspired to bring heroin and cocaine to northern Michigan.

Michigan State Police allege drugs flowed from the Detroit-area to Traverse City and Cadillac for years.

“They are thinking maybe seven million dollars worth of heroin was brought up into northern Michigan during that five year process,” says First Lieutenant Michael Shaw with MSP. “So we’ve shut down a major, major source into both Traverse City and Cadillac.”

The public debate about welcoming refugees from Syria isn’t just happening here in the States. Canada is planning to receive 25,000 Syrian refugees over the next three months.

This week, Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens joined with municipal leaders from all across Canada for a meeting in Ottawa to hear the newly elected Liberal Party of Canada's plans for resettling the refugees.

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Traverse City Manager Jered Ottenwess has been charged with domestic violence and attempted assault on a police officer.

The charges stem from an incident at Ottenwess' home last week. They were filed today by the Grand Traverse County Prosecuting Attorneys Office. Prosecutors allege that during a police call to his home last Monday, Ottenwess attempted to assault two officers from the Traverse City Police Department. He is also charged with assaulting his wife.