Music Appreciation

Welcome to another installment of the Kids Commute Story Challenge! We present listeners with a piece of music, and ask them to create a work of art or story to go with it.

This week, our young artist has provided both! Nina Wheeler, age 5, created both the art and story for this episode. Thanks and congrats, Nina!

Story: "Bears in the Woods"
Music: "Vianne Confronts the Comte" from "Chocolat" by Rachel Portman
Author: Nina Wheeler, age 5
Narrator: Claudia Schlomer

Welcome to another installment of the Kids Commute Story Challenge, in which we set a piece of music and invite young listeners to write us a story to go with it! Learn more about how to enter the Story Challenge by clicking here.

Today's story is "Alex and the Stranger" by Ella Fernandez, 12, of Wyoming Ohio. It's voiced by members of the Interlochen Arts Academy Theatre Department (thanks to Bill Church!). Our producer is Tony Bero.


The Kids Commute Story Challenge continues! Recently, we asked you to come up with short stories and art inspired by "The New Lobby Boy" by composer Alexandre Desplat. Now, we have a new piece of music for you to play with. Please give a listen to "Vianne Confronts the Comte" by Rachel Portman, from the movie "Chocolat" and write a short story to go with it (the music is 1 minute and 22 seconds long).

Today's story is "Pierre Takes the Train" by Gwendolyn Kudlack. Photo: early morning in Montmartre.
Photo: Pedro Szekely, Flickr

Our Kids Commute Story Challenge continues on IPR! We've given you a piece of music and asked you to create a story or artwork to go with it - find all the details on how to participate, and hear the piece of music, by clicking here. Future entries will be voiced by Interlochen Arts Academy Theatre Students!

Hi Kids Commuters! We’re always talking about musical imagery on Kids Commute, and we’re issuing a challenge to you.

The Kids Commute team wants to hear your stories inspired by a specific piece of music. The music is "The New Lobby Boy" from "The Grand Budapest Hotel" by Alexandre Desplat. You can listen to it below.

UPDATE! Submissions are coming in! Take a look at these pictures inspired by the music, created by Aspen Clayton, 10,  from Downers Grove, Illinois!

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