Leelanau Penisula

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Fruit growers in northern Michigan are battling crop diseases this summer caused by heavy rain and humidity.

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U.S. cherry farmers filed a legal case against the country of Turkey on Tuesday. They say Turkey subsidizes their cherries so much that they can sell some products for half the price of domestic ones.

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For northern Michigan artists, getting in to the annual Regional Exhibit at Traverse City’s Dennos Museum Center is a big deal. But not everyone is accepted to the juried show.

Artists deal with rejection all the time, but this year the artists who were not admitted got together and created a show of their own.


Max Johnston / Interlochen Public Radio

For the past decade, Americans have been buying tart cherries from Turkey for cheap. Tart cherry farmers in Michigan say that’s hurting their bottom line. Now they’re hoping a new bill in Washington will balance the scales.

Caroline MacGregor

A well-known horse whisperer has passed away in northern Michigan. Alex MacLellan was the owner of H&H Stables in Leelanau County.

Leland raises $250k for dredging gear

Feb 22, 2017
Amanda Holmes

The town of Leland has raised $250,000 to buy its own dredging equipment. The money comes from private donations through the crowd-funding website FundLy.

Leland Harbormaster Russell Dzuba says the federal government used to pay for harbor dredging, but in recent years, it hasn’t been a priority.

Black Star Farms

Don Coe helped commercialize northern Michigan’s wine industry. He founded Black Star Farms near Suttons Bay 17 years ago.

Coe retired last month and turned Black Star Farms over to his business partner, Kerm Campbell.

In 2005, Coe led a legal fight to give wineries the right to ship their products directly across state lines. The Supreme Court upheld that right in a 5-4 decision.

Coe says Michigan’s wine industry has matured over the last 17 years and he sees more growth on the horizon as a new generation of winemakers takes over.

Aaron Selbig

Experts say the affordable housing problem in Leelanau County has reached “critical mass” – the point where talk must turn to action. A meeting on the subject Thursday morning drew a crowd full of developers and government officials.

Sarah Lucas from Networks Northwest led the meeting. She says that when people think of the term “affordable housing,” they might see an image of a large, run-down apartment building on the edge of town. But in Leelanau County, that public perception is changing.

Ghost towns don't only belong to the Old West. You can find them scattered all over Michigan, including Glen Haven, located in the Leelanau Peninsula right inside the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

Marie Scott is a park ranger in the area. She says the town began before the civil war as a stop for steamers to pick up wood for fuel. As the traffic picked up, it grew from only a dock to a fully functioning town.

Paul Wilkinson

The Suttons Bay Township Board unanimously approved a new law Wednesday that’s meant to encourage more affordable housing in the area. The law will make it easier for property owners to build duplexes on their land – and for developers to build new apartment buildings.

Land use planner Kathy Egan said the idea ran into very little resistance.

“That’s all that we’ve heard at the township office level has been support," said Egan. "People are hoping that it results in more housing available for starter homes and for renters.”

Oak wilt disease discovered in Leelanau County

Nov 6, 2014
Bob Allen

Foresters in Leelanau County are trying to tamp down another outbreak of tree disease. It’s just the latest in a series of problems disrupting forests in northern Michigan and experts are calling for some heavy-duty responses.

Kama Ross spotted the first outbreak of oak wilt disease in Leelanau County just east of Lake Leelanau in Bingham Township. As the forester for three county conservation districts, including Benzie, Grand Traverse and Leelanau Counties, she’s seen it before.

Paul Wilkinson

An extremely tight rental housing market in the Grand Traverse area is a big problem that’s getting worse.

Landlords report receiving 30 or more applications for a single rental unit and scams are popping up on Craigslist to take advantage of desperate renters.

The issue has local leaders searching for solutions.

A possible solution in Suttons Bay

Photo Book On Ice Caves Sells Out Within Days

May 30, 2014

It took just days for area booksellers to run out of a book released last weekend on the Ice Caves of Leelanau.

A second printing of the photography book by Ken Scott is already underway, after the initial 1,000 copies sold.

“People that saw the ice caves want to see the book. People that didn’t see the ice caves want to see the book. It’s lovely… and it’s just a nice keepsake of the crazy winter that we had,” says Sue Boucher, who owns the Cottage Book Shop in Glen Arbor. She says her store alone sold at least 130 copies this week.

Liam Wierzba

Heavy snowfall has created a unique tasting tour through Northern Michigan’s wine country. The vineyard-to-vineyard ski and snowshoe trail connects Bluestone Vineyards, Forty-Five North Vineyard & Winery and Tandem Ciders.

Suttons Bay Bikes rents equipment for the tours, and owner Nick Wierzba says the idea sprung from their winery bike tours in the summertime. He thinks skiing along vineyards is a new trend.