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Reversing the trend of many rural hospitals across the country, Munson Healthcare’s Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital is offering inpatient services to Benzie area residents again.

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Munson Healthcare says it will cut 25 administrative jobs, alter services and cut capital projects, as it deals with financial losses incurred during the pandemic.

A religious leader in the Diocese of Gaylord says he has no opposition the sale of two Catholic northern Michigan hospitals.

Earlier this week, Munson Healthcare in Traverse City announced it’s exploring the purchase of Mercy Cadillac and Mercy Grayling. The hospitals are currently owned by the hospital system CHE Trinity Health.

Monsignor Francis Murphy, of Cadillac, says he hopes Munson would continue the local mission to serve the poor.

Three community hospitals in northern Lower Michigan have joined larger health systems in the last couple years, in Petoskey, Ludington and Cheboygan. Munson Healthcare seriously considered doing so a few years back. Most recently, an out-of-state for profit has started running three hospitals in the Upper Peninsula.

Ludington's Hospital Joins Spectrum

Oct 1, 2013

The hospital in Ludington officially changed ownership this week. Ludington Memorial Medical Center is now Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital. 

It's the latest in a series of independent hospitals in northern Michigan to join larger, downstate hospital systems.

We talked with Ludington hospital CEO Mark Vipperman Tuesday. Listen to the audio above.

A medical center in Ludington is pursuing a merger with Spectrum Health based in Grand Rapids.

Memorial Medical Center signed a non-binding letter of intent to negotiate exclusively with Spectrum. Officials say it’s a good time to merge when the medical center is financially healthy. They say the partnership would put them in a better position to weather future changes in the health care industry.

Hospital Sale Final In Cheboygan

May 3, 2012

People in Cheboygan are breathing a sigh of relief after a sale is finalized between the Cheboygan Memorial hospital and Flint-based McLaren Health Care. Emergency care and some outpatient hospital services are expected to resume this month.

Cheboygan Doctors Take Appointments Starting Monday

Apr 6, 2012

Hospital leaders in Petoskey announced today that Cheboygan Memorial Hospital's primary and specialty care physicians are now affiliated with McLaren Health Care.

The doctors will start seeing patients again, but they will be in new offices in Cheboygan. McLaren officials say patients can schedule appointments starting Monday by calling (231) 627-7118.

The Michigan health industry was shocked this week by the closing of the community hospital in Cheboygan, after a sale to McLaren broke down late Monday.

McLaren: No Plans To Re-Open Cheboygan E.R.

Apr 4, 2012

There are no plans to bring emergency care back to Cheboygan. The emergency room, and all of Cheboygan Memorial Hospital, was shut down unexpectedly Tuesday, after a sale to a Flint-based health system fell through.

It was an unexpected twist for a bankrupt hospital that was supposed to be salvaged by a quick sale to McLaren Health Care.

Instead, the tourist town has lost both the only emergency room for miles around, and its largest employer.  All 400 Cheboygan Memorial Hospital employees are out of a job.

Cheboygan Nurses Voice Frustration

Mar 29, 2012

As a Flint-based hospital system prepares next week to finalize its purchase of Cheboygan Memorial Hospital, a nurses union has grown frustrated with a lack of information.

Details of the sale to McLaren Health Care have been scarce, even after it was approved late last week in federal bankruptcy court.

Hospital leaders in Cheboygan have released a few more details on the future of medical care and staffing at Cheboygan Memorial Hospital. A sale to Flint-based McLaren Health Care is expected to be finalized Tuesday.

In a press release, hospital leaders say CMH will cease to exist April 3rd. They say "a number of health care services" will be provided at the former CMH site, overseen by Petoskey's hospital, which was renamed McLaren-Northern Michigan earlier this year.

Cheboygan Memorial Sale: Impact On Workers Unclear

Mar 26, 2012

After a sale to McLaren Health Care is finalized this spring, the hospital will briefly terminate all its employees. McLaren will then take over operations and re-hire the employees the new system needs.

The transition should look seamless to the public, and to patients at Cheboygan Memorial Hospital, according to CMH Board President Jamie McClurg.

"Makes me feel quite good that we will have high quality health care available for people that live in Cheboygan and the surrounding areas," he says of the sale.

No Munson Merger

Sep 9, 2010

Traverse City's hospital will not become part of the healthcare system in Grand Rapids. Munson Healthcare leaders announced Thursday that the board has ended talks of a merger with Spectrum Health. Hospital leaders say the problems small hospitals have, like difficulty borrowing money, are not going away. For now, however, Munson will look for partnerships that don't involve giving up control.

Petoskey Turns Down Spectrum, Looks Elsewhere

Jul 27, 2010

The hospital system based in Petoskey will not be merging with Grand Rapids-based Spectrum Health. Northern Michigan Regional Health System announced today that it has cut off talks with Spectrum.  But the hospital is still interested in finding another big player to work with.

Local Control
Northern Michigan Regional CEO Reezie DeVet says talks with Spectrum Healthcare ended amicably for Petoskey, but in the end, Spectrum wanted the local system to give up too much local control.

Munson Merger

May 12, 2010

New Munson Leader's Eyes Stay On Spectrum

May 7, 2010

The Munson Healthcare system is under new leadership. CEO Doug Deck stepped down Wednesday. The Board accepted his resignation, and it's already appointed a successor.

The changes are immediate. But very little else is expected to change - including talks over a possible merger with Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids.

Few Answers On Deck's Departure
Munson staffers said Thursday that Doug Deck was not available for interviews, and a message left at his home went unanswered.

Munson, NMH Could Merge With Spectrum

Jan 13, 2010

Munson Heathcare could join up with a Grand Rapids-based health system as early as this spring. This week the Traverse City hospital announced it's in talks with Spectrum Health.

Leaders at Munson say the local system is financially strong, but merging with a much larger organization would help it to recruit doctors, and it would mean more access to money for big, capital improvements.

Rural Hospitals Look For Savings

Jul 27, 2009

The bottom line at West Shore Medical Center in Manistee has swayed from red to black in recent years. Red in fiscal years 2006 and 2007. Then the hospital actually made money in 2008. CEO Burt Parks says West Shore reigned in expenses that year, and added some new medical services for the community - including the latest cardiac CT scanner. He says those were just temporary fixes. In fiscal year 2009, which just ended last month, the hospital once again barely broke even. And, unless something was done, it would be expected to drop back into the red for 2010.