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Audio Guide to Spring: May 8

May 8, 2020
Emily Cook

This week on the guide:

Early season trout fly fishing centers around the Hendrickson fly hatch that some call “The Gentlemen’s Hatch.”

Invasive garlic mustard -- love it or leave it?

Dec 18, 2017
Steven Katovich, USDA Forest Service,

Invasive species are an expensive problem in the United States – federal agencies spent more than $104 million last year to control them. But a recent study on garlic mustard shows that it might be better to leave some invasive species alone.


Audio Postcard: Foraging for Garlic Mustard

May 16, 2013

You may be aware that morel season is upon us, but perhaps you didn't know that prime garlic mustard picking season is just coming to a close.  While no one would want to over-harvest morels, the goal with the also edible garlic mustard, is to get rid of it. The plant can get out of control to the point where it makes it difficult for native plants to thrive.  That's happened in some parts of southern Michigan.