Parallel 45 Theatre Company announced it has cancelled it's 10th anniversary season.
Parallel 45 Theatre Company

The show won’t go on for Traverse City’s Parallel 45 Theatre Festival. The group announced Wednesday that it canceled its upcoming summer season due to COVID-19 concerns.

We've been capturing quirky summer festivals around Michigan.

One festival that fits the bill is the 28th National Baby Food Festival in Fremont, Michigan, where Gerber has been making baby food in since 1928.

Sydney Baird, the co-coordinator of the National Baby Food Festival, joined Stateside to talk about the upcoming festival.

Detroit's music scene will welcome the sixth annual Mo Pop Festival at the end of the month.

Our guide to Detroit music, as always, is Paul Young, the founder and publisher of Detroit Music Magazine. He joined Stateside to highlight three local acts that will take the stage at Mo Pop.


If South Haven figures in your Memorial Day plans, get ready: You're going to see mermaids, mermen, and even merkids. 

It's the first-ever Mermaid MegaFest – four days of celebrating merfolk while focusing on preserving our natural freshwater resources. 

Bringing people together through the age-old practice of kite flying: That is the goal of the Detroit Kite Festival, happening this Sunday on Belle Isle.

C. S. Lewis believed the nuanced imagination was important for perceiving reality.
The Wade Center

C. S. Lewis was a Christian theologian who authored over 70 books, including The Space Trilogy, and The Chronicles of Narnia.

This weekend in Petoskey, the annual C. S. Lewis Festival will celebrate Lewis’ imagination. 

The authors of the book, The Surprising Imagination of C. S. Lewis say he had a nuanced understanding regarding imagination. They Identify over 30 different types of imagination that Lewis recognized and used in his writings.

Mark Neal is one of those authors, and a featured speaker at the festival in Petoskey. He says the nuanced approach to imagination helps us better understand reality. 

"It's this idea that it helps us to see things that, without it, would be unseeable," Neal says.


Garlic sits ready to be judged in advance of the Third Annual Crosshatch Garlic Auction.
Dan Wanschura

Michigan has a lot of festivals. There’s a tulip festival, a cherry festival, an apple festival, we even have an asparagus festival.

Recently, I came across a sort of garlic festival that happens in Elk Rapids. 


It's all about dance, creativity, and art: the Detroit Dance City Festival returns this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Performances, workshops, networking are offered at six different locations for dancers of all ages. The goal of the third annual event is to bring local, national and international dancers and choreographers together in Detroit.

Jake Robinson makes handmade guitars at his studio in Wellston.
Joyce Randall Senechal

Jake Robinson started playing guitar when he was about 11 years old. He thought he knew everything about guitars. But when he started building them, he realized how little he knew. Now, he’s a professional luthier – or guitar-maker. 

His workshop is in rural northwestern Michigan, and is surrounded by acres of tall pine trees.  

“I specifically focus on flat top acoustic guitars with steel strings,” says Jake. “I also do a fair amount of repair of all sorts of string instruments, from mandolins all the way up to guitars and banjos and electric guitars and things of that nature.” 

Aaron Selbig

Traverse City’s Festival of Trains is going ahead despite the closure this week of the Traverse City History Center.

The History Center manages the festival every year for the Northern Michigan Railroad Club. Executive Director Maddie Lundy said that won’t change this year.

“By the end of this week, we’ll have all the contracts signed," said Lundy. "The festival of trains will still be going on in the same location it’s always been, which is a good thing because everybody loves that.”

Committee to look at Cherry Festival changes

Nov 11, 2014

A special committee will consider making long-term changes to the National Cherry Festival. Traverse City commissioners decided last night to form the committee, which will work with festival organizers on potential changes.

Those changes could include forcing moving the festival’s dates away from the Fourth of July weekend. The committee is also likely to ask organizers to shorten the amount of time the festival occupies city parkland.

Commissioner Jim Carruthers says the festival takes too long to set-up and take down.

The 35th annual Detroit Jazz Festival is this Labor Day weekend. It is the largest free jazz festival in the world, and it will be held in downtown Detroit at Campus Martius and Hart Plaza.

Chris Collins, the artistic director, and Jim Gallert, jazz broadcaster, writer and researcher, joined Stateside today to talk about the history of this festival and of jazz in Detroit.

“The Detroit Jazz Festival celebrates not only the greater jazz landscape, but, in particular, this amazing legacy of the city of Detroit,” Collins said.

Detroit came into the jazz scene in the early 1920s. Gallert said Detroit was an important feeder city. A lot of Detroit bands set the style for bands in New York.

“Many of us think of Detroit as the New Orleans of the north,” Gallert said.

The Detroit Jazz Festival is a year round effort to spread the gospel of jazz and support jazz artists. They work with students in Detroit Public Schools in what is called the "Jazz Infusion" where professional jazz artists work with the students to teach jazz, form bands, and put on shows.

The Detroit Jazz Festival runs this Labor Day weekend in downtown Detroit. You can get schedules, artists and all the information at their website.

*Listen to the full interview with Chris Collins and Jim Gallert on Stateside at 3:00 pm. Audio for this story will be added by 4:30 pm. 

Many small towns across the country are using special events to attract visitors and commerce. The strategy has been a big hit in places like Aspen, Colo., and Park City, Utah, whose names have become synonymous with major festivals.

But it can take a toll. Some residents in the northern Michigan town of Traverse City complain that they're suffering from festival fatigue and would like a little less excitement.

Bagpipes To Help Close Out Mackinac Island Lilac Festival

Jun 17, 2011

This weekend, Mackinac Island wraps up its annual Lilac Festival. The Glen Erin Pipe Band, a bagpipe band, will give a concert at 1:30 pm in the park Sunday, right below the fort.

"It's a penetrating sound, says Terry Carroll, band member and manager. "It evokes memories of battles fought long ago. And funerals but weddings too, which are sometimes synonymous. We really honor playing for police and fire ceremonial events."

The Lilac Festival parade starts later that afternoon at at 4:00.