Downtown Traverse City

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Traverse City is moving forward with a plan to build a $9 million-dollar fishing pier out into Grand Traverse Bay but local fishing experts say the location of the pier – near the mouth of the Boardman River – is not an ideal place to fish.

Traverse City commissioners looked over the new pier design at their meeting last night. The document features colorful images of walleye, salmon, steelhead and smallmouth bass.

But fishing guide Ted Kramer told the commission the 500-foot pier is in the wrong spot for fishing.

In the age of Amazon, bookstores are a dying breed – unable to compete with online retail and the popularity of e-readers. Or at least that’s been the accepted narrative in the book business over the last few years.

In Traverse City, there are a couple of bookstores trying to buck that trend.

Brilliant Books on Traverse City’s Front Street feels like a throwback to bookstores past. Jazz music is piped softly through overhead speakers. The wooden floor creaks underfoot as you walk past plush leather sofas and neatly arranged aisles of hardcovers.

Poll shows support for Cherry Festival changes

Sep 22, 2014
Traverse City Tourism AP

The Traverse City Commission meets tonight to discuss possible changes to the National Cherry Festival.

Suggestions include shortening the length of the festival, moving it away from the busy Fourth of July weekend and changing its location.

In advance of the discussion, the Traverse City Ticker conducted a survey of downtown business owners, asking what they thought of the possible changes.

IPR's Aaron Selbig  asked Ticker Publisher Luke Haase about how the survey was conducted.

A bold idea to use downtown street parking for additional outdoor restaurant seating in Traverse City appears to be on hold for now.

That’s the new recommendation of an ad hoc committee charged with studying the issue. The new recommendations will be presented to city commissioners Monday.

The committee now says the concept should be studied more, and broadened to include other, more park-like uses.

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The Traverse City splash pad needs major repairs, according to a preliminary report by consultants hired by the city.

The report details 18 different issues -- including safety hazards. It also says the splash pad at Clinch Park doesn't meet state code in several areas.

Traverse City will at least delay a move to allow café seating in some downtown parking spaces. Monday commissioners voted to send the plan back to committee. 

In addition to so-called “platform cafes,” the proposal would allow café seating on the sidewalks to take up all but four feet of the walkway. Disability advocates Monday asked the commission to leave at least five feet for pedestrians, possibly six.

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 Downtown Traverse City has a parking problem, which has prompted city leaders to give away bus passes to people who work downtown. A new pilot program is offering up unlimited six-month passes to 50 people. The passes will be good from July through December on Village and City Loops (fixed routes) of the Bay Area Transportation Authority (BATA).

Horizon Books and State Theatre Re-Open

Jun 6, 2014
David Cassleman

Horizon Books and the State Theatre are back open for business tonight in downtown Traverse City. They were closed for a week after a support column collapsed at the adjacent Red Ginger restaurant.