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Like many resort towns in northern Michigan, Charlevoix has struggled to build a strong year-round community ever since landlords saw the money to be made in summer rentals.

Area officials say 40% of the city’s housing stock is vacant for most of the year while the area’s service workers can’t find a place to live.


Last year Charlevoix city officials capped the number of vacation rentals and made rules that some developments have to be owner-occupied 10 months a year.


Charlevoix Downtown Development Authority



City Officials in East Jordan voted to add a student position to their Downtown Development Authority Board Monday. Boyne City Library also decided to join, voting Tuesday to add a student position to their own board. 

Voters will decide the next public art display in Traverse City.

Tonight, five local artists will pitch ideas for a public art display downtown near the Boardman River, and audience members will vote to decide the winner. The Traverse City Arts Commission is hosting the event.

Treeskin is a side solo project from Michael Dause, drummer for The Accidentals.
Tess Starr

You might know Michael Dause as the drummer for The Accidentals, but the Michigan musician is much more than that. 

Treeskin is the name of a solo side project by Dause, who recently released a new album called "Learning."

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Outdoor cafes in Traverse City could be moving from the sidewalk to the street.

The Downtown Development Authority is debating a plan to allow “platform” cafes, which would take up two parking spots outside a restaurant.

The Downtown Development Authority will discuss the concept Friday morning.

DDA Executive Director Rob Bacigalupi says he wants to loosen rules on sidewalk cafes that were passed two years ago.

Traverse City Film Festival

The Traverse City Film Festival is asking for public money to help pay for a Hollywood-style “walk of fame” outside the State Theatre. The walk-of fame would feature concrete handprints of celebrities like Madonna, Rosie O’Donnell and Matthew Modine.

To keep it accessible year-round, festival officials plan to install a heated sidewalk in front of the theatre. They’re asking the publicly-funded Downtown Development Authority to contribute $18,000 toward the effort.

Traverse City Mayor Michael Estes said that could set a bad precedent. 

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Traverse City Commissioners voted yesterday to replace some parking meters with electronic pay stations.

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) made the request partially because thieves stole $70,000 from parking meters two years ago. They had copied meter keys and also broke open meters to gain access. Annual parking meter revenue is approximately $650,000.

The 12 pay stations will be installed in five downtown parking lots and one block of Front Street. The particular block has not been decided yet, but the DDA is considering between Cass and Park Streets.

Downtown Parking Meters To Be Upgraded

Jan 23, 2014

Parking meters in downtown Traverse City may become relics of the past.

The Downtown Development Authority is considering replacing individual meters with pay stations. Executive director of the Downtown Development Authority, Rob Bacigalupi, says there are several reasons.

“One is they accept credit cards. Just by replacing the meter housing, like on an individual meter, that doesn’t allow you to use credit cards,” he says. “You have better, real-time information with a pay station so it’s actually a more efficient method of enforcing parking.”