Matt Shepler prepares to blend some Ambrosia Sipping Chocolate in his kitchen in Traverse City.
Dan Wanschura

Ambrosia Sipping Chocolate is a brand new, gourmet hot chocolate that’s made in Traverse City. It hits the market on April 15th.

“It’s literally like you’re drinking chocolate bars because that’s exactly what it is,” says co-owner Matt Shepler.

A recent Washington Post story declares that “one of the country’s poorest cities is suddenly becoming a food mecca.”

It highlights the growing scene of young chefs and restaurateurs setting up shop in Detroit.

Sarah Welch is one of them. She’s the executive chef at Republic Tavern, located in the restored castle-like Grand Army of the Republic building in Detroit.

Strong Travel Season Predicted For 2014

Mar 10, 2014
Rachel Kramer/Flickr

Tourism researchers at Michigan State University predict a strong year for the travel sector, despite a ‘wildcard.’

The Great Lakes are more than 90 percent frozen for the first time in decades, a cooler summer season has often historically put a damper on Michigan travel. But MSU tourism researchers with the university's Department of Community Sustainability say they’re predicting a four-point-five percent increase in hotel and motel tax receipts this year. They say 2013 saw an uptick in travel despite the fact that it was appreciably colder than in 2012.