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Kids Commute - Randomizer Week! Friday

May 24, 2019

Happy Friday!  Welcome back to Randomizer Week on Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio.  All week long, we’ve been highlighting pieces of great music that doesn’t fit into any particular theme, but are still super fun to listen to.  Be sure to look back and check out any episodes you may have missed. Today, we listen to a lighthearted version of a very serious (and very famous) musical work.  Kate will tell you all about the musical ensemble, The Swingle Singers, who have won five Grammy awards for their extensive body of work.

Kids Commute - Randomizer Week! Thursday

May 23, 2019

It’s another random day during Randomizer Week on Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio.  This week, the Kids Commute Randomizer Machine churned out five pieces of great music that don’t really fit into a weekly theme, but are still fun to listen to.  So far this week, we’ve listened to, “The Typewriter,” by Leroy Anderson, “Uh-Oh,” by P.D.Q. Bach, and “Ill Wind,” by musical comedy duo Flanders and Swann. Today, we get a little silly with modern things like video games, zombies, and tangos.

Jeremy Dutcher came to the Tiny Desk with sparkling, purple streams of glitter draped around his shoulders. Then he set his iPad on our Yamaha upright piano, not to read his score as pianists do these days, but to play a centuries-old wax cylinder recording of a song sung in the incredibly rare language of Wolastoq. Jeremy Dutcher, along with cellist Blanche Israel and percussionist and electronics wizard Greg Harrison, wove that old recording into a remarkably passionate performance that was very 21st-century, with a deep nod to a century past.

Kids Commute - Randomizer Week! Wednesday

May 22, 2019

We’re happy to have you back for another episode of Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio!  It’s Randomizer Week, and that means that the Kids Commute Randomizer Machine has chosen five pieces of great music that have nothing to do with each other, but are still fun to listen to.  Today, we’re getting a little ill. Not in the sense that we’re getting sick, of course. “Ill Wind,” is a parody song based on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Horn Concerto No. 4.

Kids Commute - Randomizer Week! Monday

May 21, 2019

Welcome to Randomizer Week on Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio!  As the Kids Commute team begins to wrap up this season, we thought it would be fun to highlight pieces that don’t fit into a weekly theme, but are still fun to listen to.  So we threw a bunch of ingredients into our Randomizer Machine, fired it up, and out came five great musical selections that have absolutely nothing to do with each other.  Today, we take a look back on an invention that at one time was absolutely essential for many people.  The typewriter!  Do you know what that is?

Kids Commute - Randomizer Week! Tuesday

May 21, 2019

It’s another random day in Randomizer Week on Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio.  Our theme this week is that we have no theme! Only great music that is fun to listen to, but doesn’t quite fit into a weekly theme.  Yesterday, we listened to, “The Typewriter,” written by Leroy Anderson about a device that was once essential for many people, but has largely been replaced by computers.  Today, we go in an entirely different direction, and listen to, “Uh-Oh,” from “A Little Nightmare Music,” composed by P.D.Q. Bach, otherwise known as Peter Schickele. Mr.

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Monday Ep070113

Karen Marie Garrett - Tip Toe Dancer and the Sea Pearl

Chris Spheeris - Embrace

Anewday - Dawn of Day

Paul Cardall - Voices

John Mills - Into the dark night

Jeff Oster (w/ Will Ackerman, Philip Aaberg and Taylor Barefoot) - Released

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I've watched a lot of Tiny Desk concerts over the years. It's good to see musicians in the raw, away from stage lighting and backing tracks — as if they've just stopped by an office to play over a lunch break, with desk-bound employees watching on. The performances should expose flaws, but instead they tend to expose musicians being casually brilliant, like the members of Ensemble Signal, who certainly play these pieces beautifully.

Every Monday at 6 p.m., Classical IPR presents Great Lakes Concerts. The program is a co-production of WKAR, WRCJ and Interlochen Public Radio. Enjoy great performances from the Great Lakes region.

Joaquín Rodrigo: "Concierto de Aranjuez" for Guitar & Orchestra
Matthew Cochran, guitar
Baroque on Beaver Festival Orchestra
Robert Nordling, conductor
(recorded Aug. 3, 2018 at Beaver Island Community School)

Music by Request playlist for May 18, 2019

May 18, 2019

Thanks to listeners from Oklahoma City, Hersey, Williamsburg,  Ann Arbor and many other places for your requests on today's program. 

1. J.S. Bach, Suite for Brass, Philip Jones Brass Ensemble

2.  W.A. Mozart, Ah vous dirai-je Maman, Marilyn Neeley

3. J.S. Bach, Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor BWV 1043, Hillary Hahn and Margaret Batjer, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Jeffrey Kahane

4. Alan Menken, Seize the Day, Newsies, Original Broadway Cast Recording

Photo by Michael Burke

On this edition of The Interlochen Collection, it's the career of violinist Margaret Batjer from her time as a camper and Academy student to her current work as a performer and educator. Listen to the entire episode below.

Episode playlist
Henryk Wieniawski, Violin concerto no. 2 in D minor, first and second movements
Interlochen Arts Academy Orchestra
Margaret Batjer, violin
Byron Hanson, conductor
May 1975

Kids Commute - SATB Week! Friday

May 17, 2019

  TGIF!  It’s the final day of SATB Week on Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio.  If you’ve listened all week, you know that SATB is the musical abbreviation for soprano, alto, tenor, and bass (also referred to as baritone).  Each day, we’ve heard musical selections that demonstrate how each of these vocal parts are used. Today, we get to hear how each of these parts weave together as we listen to “So You Want To Write a Fugue,” composed by the famous Glenn Gould.  After the music, we’ll reveal the answer to this week’s Kids Commute Quizlet.

Kids Commute - SATB Week! Thursday

May 16, 2019

Today, we’re getting down to the bottom of things as we decode the last letter of SATB Week on Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio.   So far, we’ve soared with Joan Sutherland as she sang, “The Doll Song,” by Jacques Offenbach. We’ve lamented with the altos as we listened to, “Alto’s Lament,” by Marcy Heisler and Zina Goldrich.

Amanda Sewell

During the 2018-19 academic year, Classical IPR welcomed more than 50 student performers in Studio A. This week on Classical IPR in Concert, we feature many of those student performances. Listen Friday at 8 p.m. or stream any time below.

For a complete list of archived Studio A performances and interviews, click here

Enle Wu, piano
Junior, student of TJ Lymenstull
Mozart, Piano Sonata in F major K. 332

Kids Commute - SATB Week! Wednesday

May 15, 2019

  We’re back to decode the next letter of the musical abbreviation, “SATB”.  You may already know what it stands for, but in case you don’t, we’ll give you all the answers during SATB Week on Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio.  So far this week, we’ve decoded S and A. Today, guest host Lynne Church reveals what ‘T’ stands for before we listen to famous singer Luciano Pavarotti perform, “Una Furtiva Lagrima,” from the opera “L’Elisir D’Amore,” composed by Gaetano Donizetti.  Stick around after the music for the second hint for this week’s Kids Commute Quizlet.

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When the intrepid string quartet known as Brooklyn Rider first visited the Tiny Desk nine years ago, no one knew what the musicians might play. They're as likely to trot out an Asian folk tune as they are a string quartet by Beethoven, or one of their own compositions.

Kids Commute - SATB Week! Tuesday

May 14, 2019

  Welcome back to SATB Week on Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio.  Do you know what SATB means? Each day this week, we’ll decode one of the letters in this musical abbreviation.  Yesterday, we found out what ‘S’ stands for and listened to “The Doll Song,” from the opera, “Tales of Hoffman,” composed by Jacques Offenbach.  Today, guest host Lynne Church decodes the letter ‘A’ before we hear a funny song written by Interlochen alumna Marcy Heisler. After hearing “Altos' Lament,” maybe we’ll all have a little more sympathy for the fact that altos rarely get to sing the melody.

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Monday ep990710

Galileo- Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumble

Mohave Sunrise - Montage

Spirit - Brian Mann

Cathedral Pines - Eugene Friesen

Spring meadow - Michael Jones

For the roses - Teresa Schroeder

Eventide - Robert Resitar

Kids Commute - SATB Week! Monday

May 13, 2019

Welcome to a brand new week on Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio.  Do you know what SATB stands for? Tune in all week long and special guest Lynne Church, Interlochen Arts Academy voice instructor, decode it for you one letter at a time.  Today’s episode is brought to you by the letter ‘S’ as we listen to “The Doll Song,” composed by Jacques Offenbach for his opera, “Tales of Hoffman.” We’ll also introduce you this week’s Kids Commute Quizlet after the music.  Do you think you can guess the answer without any hints? If you can, we’ll send you a Kids Commute Prize Pack.

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Overture to "The Marriage of Figaro," K. 492
Lansing Symphony Orch
Timothy Muffitt, conductor
Recorded 2/10/2018 at Wharton Center, East Lansing, MI

Thanks to listeners in Honor, Baltimore, Traverse City, Interlochen, and many more for your requests this week!

1.     Aaron Copland, Lincoln Portrait, Seattle Symphony, Gerard Schwarz, conductor

2.     Johann Johannsson, Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack, The Theory of Everything (suite)

3.     Stuart Stott, Music in my Mother’s House, Stuart Stott, Twin Cities Women’s Chorus 

4.     Engelbert Humperdinck, Overture from Sleeping Beauty, Bamberger Symphony, Karl Anton Rickenbacher

Happy Friday!  Thanks for joining us for the conclusion of Carnival of the Animals on Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio.  “Carnival of the Animals,” by Camille Saint-Saens was so big and so good, we had to break it up over two weeks.  Today we hear, “Finale,” where Saint-Saens parades all of the animals that we met during our zoological journey.  After the musical selection of the day, we’ll give you the answer to this week’s Kids Commute Quizlet.  If you sent us the correct answer, we’ll send you a Kids Commute Prize Pack.  We hope you enjoyed “Carnival of the Animals,” on Kids Co

At the end of every academic year, Interlochen Arts Academy celebrates during Festival. This multi-day event includes performances and exhibits by Academy students. This year's Festival is particularly special because it will include the dedication of the new Music Center.

Classical IPR will be live at the Interlochen Arts Academy Festival on Thursday, May 23.  The broadcasts will take place in a tent on the mall as well as from locations on campus including the Dendrinos Chapel and Recital Hall and the new Music Center.

Zikuan "Harvard" Zhao is a sophomore at Interlochen Arts Academy. The pianist from Shangdong Province, China came to Studio A to perform music of Franz Liszt.

Classical IPR in Concert: Orff's Carmina Burana

May 9, 2019

This week on Classical IPR in Concert it's an encore broadcast of the Traverse Symphony Orchestra's recent performance of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana. The symphony is joined by regional choral ensembles and soloists.

Tune in this Friday evening at 8:00 or listen below at any time,