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Repose playlists for the week of Nov. 21, 2022

Repose has been a listener favorite since the 1980s. Tune in every weeknight at 10 p.m. on Classical IPR.

See this week's playlists below.

Monday ep171103 
Jennifer DeFrayne - Fire Island
Elizabeth Naccarato - Romance
Gary Schmidt - This New Day
Michele McLaughlin - Crossroads
John Boswell w/ Martin Tillman - On the Wind
Peter Kater and Tina Guo - Self Discovery
Craig Urquhart - Grace
Tom Caufield - Forging The Moonlight
Secret Garden - Last Present (Sun-Mool)
Angelo Rapan - Looking Back At The Sky
Greg Maroney - With Every Breath
Jim Gabriel - Dreams of You
Danny Wright - Softly as I Leave You

Tuesday ep170826 
Jeff Bjorck - Afternoon Reverie
Raphael Groten - Sweetness
Kathryn Kaye - Spring Snow
Original Soundtrack: James Horner and London Symphony Orchestra - For the Love of a Princess
Marika Takeuchi - Tears
Jeff Bjorck - Hope in the Heartache
Raphael Groten - Grandpa's Hands
Loren Evarts - The Pond in Winter
Jim Gabriel - Closest Night
Joe Heinemann - Lenape
Peter Kater and Tina Guo - Within Silence
Danny Wright - Softly as I Leave You

Wednesday ep170819  
Catherine Marie Charlton - Off At Sea
Lisa Swerdlow - Sanctuary
Jeff Oster - On Mother's Day
Gary Schmidt - Reaching into Romance
Jim Gabriel - Winter
Martin Lass - A Lady's Errand of Love
2Cellos w/ London Symphony Orchestra - Malena
Lynn Yew Evers - Rain of Spring
Michael Logozar - Treasured Moments
Gina Leneé - Forever
Lynn Tredeau - Warm Embrace
Richard Dillon - Irish Mist
Craig Urquhart - Blue Skies
Secret Garden - Home
Danny Wright - Softly as I Leave You

Thursday ep170930 
Gerry Schubert - To Beatrice
John Adorney - All Is Well
Rob Whitesides-Woo - Willow
Andrew White - Nicola's Tears
Ken Pedersen - Behind the Farthest Star
Carolyn Southworth and Jennifer Thomas - Solo piano with orchestra: Dancing on the Clouds
Keith Driskill - A Time of Innocence
Ron Clearfield - Dream Manifestation
John Boswell w/ Martin Tillman - I'll Carry You Through
Eric Tingstad - In Midnight Blue
Danny Wright - Softly as I Leave You

Friday ep 170909  
Peter Kater - Dancing on Water
Nick DeCesare - Farewell
Sarah Copus - Wind on the Moor
Catherine Marie Charlton - April Rain
Neil Jacobs - Morning at Ragged Point
Andrew White - I Dream of Her
Stanton Lanier - My Soul Silently Waits
Louis Colaiannia - Sea of Stars
Andrew White - Dingle Bay Dream
Amy Lauren - Bridges on River Road
Matt Marshak - Peace and Joy
Christopher Boscole - Variation on Chopin Nocturne
Lynn Yew Evers - Away From Home
Peter Kater - Reaching For You
Danny Wright - Softly as I Leave You

Saturday TBA

Sunday ep 190907
John Schmidt - Prelude
Cornell Kinderknecht - For You
Fiona Joy - Forgiveness
Paul Sullivan - Frog in the Goldenrod
Gerry Schubert - To Beatrice
Secret Garden - Nocturne
Michael Whalen - Autumn Color Fields
Gabriel Lee - Cool Rain
Paul Sullivan - Sky full of Stars
Eugene Friesen and Paul Halley - Cathedral Pines
Andy Iorio - Bittersweet
Ryan Marvel - veiled in tender warmth
Craig Urquhart - Devotion
Danny Wright - Softly as I Leave You

Frank Slaughter is the host of Repose.