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Repose playlists for the week of April 25, 2022

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See this week's weeknight playlists below.

Monday Ep101120
Seay - All Around The World: A Seasonal Greeting
Wind Machine - Morning Has Broken
Michael Logozar - Autumn Rain
James Todd w/ William Morse - New Day
Colors of the Land - Elegy
Steven C and The London Symphony Strings - HeartStrings in F#
Tingstad & Rumbel - Deep in My Soul
2002 - Lady of the Moon
Rebecca Oswald - Periwinkle Blue
Fiona Joy - Thinking of You (Australia Lullaby)
Michael Dulin - Letter from Home
Steven C and The London Symphony Strings - HeartStrings in F#
Danny Wright - Softly as I Leave You

Tuesday Ep100821
Peter Jennison (w/ Eugene Friesen) - Solitary Peace [For Will Ackerman]
Wind Machine - Shelter Cove
Checkfield - After The Rain
Eva Cassidy - Songbird
Omar Akram - Never Let Go
Mark Pinkus - Praying for You
2002 - The Sea at Night
Peter Jennison - The Promise (I Will Return to You)
Colors of the Land - A Winding Lane
Secret Garden - Once in a Red Moon
Carolyn Southworth and Jennifer Thomas - Solo piano with orchestra: Goodnight My Angel -
Danny Wright - Softly as I Leave You

Wednesday Ep100814
V/A: Stuart Hoffman - Joy to Joy
Michael Gettel - Lantern in the Dark
Eric Tingstad & Nancy Rumbel - Guinevere's Lament
Radhika Miller w/ David Darling - Nocturne
Ron Clearfield - Home
Suzanne Teng & Mystic Journey - motherland
Robin Miller - Fields of Heaven
Dana Cunningham - Soul Poem
Peter White - Say Goodnight
Danny Wright - Softly as I Leave You

Thursday Ep170311
Jennifer DeFrayne - Fire Island
Elizabeth Naccarato - Romance
Gary Schmidt - This New Day
Michele McLaughlin - Crossroads
John Boswell w/ Martin Tillman - On the Wind
Peter Kater and Tina Guo - Self Discovery
Craig Urquhart - Grace
Tom Caufield - Forging The Moonlight
Secret Garden - Last Present (Sun-Mool)
Angelo Rapan - Looking Back At The Sky
Greg Maroney - With Every Breath
Jim Gabriel - Dreams of You
Danny Wright - Softly as I Leave You

Friday Ep080920
Wayne Gratz - Moon River
Gary Remal Malkin - Ghosts on Old Settler's Trail
Secret Garden - Once in a Red Moon
Fiona Joy - Escarpment Dreaming
John Mills - An unusual summer
JanElaine Eller - It's Gonna be OK
Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra - My Grief on the Sea
Eugene Friesen and Paul Halley - Cathedral Pines
Kevin Kern - After the Rain
Tingstad & Rumbel - Prairie Lullaby
Jeff Pearce - Sorrow in Spring
John Boswell - From This Day
Danny Wright - Softly as I Leave You

Saturday TBA

Sunday Ep190615
Ed Blumenthal - Who Knows
Ann Sweeten - Lullaby for Blackie Boo
Nancy Shoop-Wu - Lullaby
Kathryn Kaye - We'll Be Home Tomorrow
Peter Kater w/ Mike Hamilton & Richard Hardy - Summer
Camille Nelson - Count Your Many Blessings
Ann Sweeten - The Empty Swing
Terry Lee Nichols & Rebekah Eden - We Have Only Come To Dream
Raphael Groten - Trust
Kathryn Kaye - For Love of Earth and Sky
Ed Blumenthal - Always Waiting
Danny Wright - Softly as I Leave You

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