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Repose playlists for the week of April 12, 2021

Trevor Mahlmann

Repose has been a listener favorite since the 1980s. Tune in every weeknight at 10 p.m. on Classical IPR.
Monday ep170624

Jennifer Thomas - After the Storm
Lynn Tredeau - Travel Me Home
Richard Carr - Ascendance
Ann Sweeten - A Trace Of You
Isadar - Waiting  - Active Imagination
Martin Lass - Sonnet
Celtic Woman - The Soft Goodbye
Tom Caufield - Shadow Casting
Laura McMillan - July Lullaby
Richard Carr - Awakening Spirit
Kathryn Kaye - A Calm Awakening
Danny Wright - Softly as I Leave You

Tuesday ep170722

David Lanz - Spiral Dance
Colors of the Land - A Winding Lane
Lawrence Blatt - I Remember When
Georgia Kelly and Dusan Bogdanovic - Of Toys and Cookies
Kevin Kern - Fairy Wings
Phil Coulter - The Year of the French
Secret Garden - Aria - Dawn of a New Century
Denise Young (w/ Will Ackerman and T-Bone Wolk) - Green Mountain Meadows
Jeanette Alexander - The Road to Caernarvon
Jami Sieber - In the Silence
David Nevue - A moment lost
Tom Salvatori and Iris Litchfield w/ John Catchings Iris Litchfield - Nature's Serenade
Fiona Joy - Opus for Love, 1st Movement (Love in Winter)
Danny Wright - Softly as I Leave You


Wednesday ep170805

Lynn Tredeau - If Ever in My Life
Carolyn Southworth - Deep Water
Michael Logozar - Sweet Discovery
Charles Denler - A Fair Wind Home
Sarah Copus - Merrily Kiss the Quaker/ The Mist Covered Mountain
Fiona Joy - A Walk In The Park
Nathan Speir - Passing Charcoal Clouds
Kevin Kern - Once Upon A Time
John Boswell - Love Letter No. 2
Charles Denler - The Seventh Wave
Tom Caufield - Forging The Moonlight
Richard Carr - Searching for Balance
Georg Faust and Ben Dowling - Among Clouds
Catherine Marie Charlton - I Dream About This World
Danny Wright - Softly as I Leave You


Thursday ep70401

Jim Gabriel - Home
Ryan Stewart - When We Met
Michael Dulin - Siren Song
Karen Marie Garrett - Moon Night
Steve Rivera Charlie Bisharat Eugene Friesen Jeff Haynes Tony Levin Noah Wilding - My Way Home
Shoshana Michel - Quiet Valley
Stanton Lanier - Quiet Place
Jennifer Zulli - Casting Out the Darkness
Steve Rivera Eugene Friesen Jill Haley - Beautiful Years
Jackson Berkey - Velvet Tear
Reneé Michele - Beside You
Stanton Lanier - Dawn and Dusk Take Turns Calling
Danny Wright - Softly as I Leave You


Friday ep170603

Gina Leneé - Soulmates
Todd Mosby - Colorado, Missouri
Starr Parodi - Sun & Life
Tom Caufield - The Deep Blue Goodbye
Rachel Currea - Walking to You
Gary Schmidt - You Already Have Wings
Emile Pandolfi - Adagio
Jim Gabriel - Goodbye for Now
Richard Dillon - No More Tears
Georg Faust and Ben Dowling - Carried
Craig Urquhart - Calm Seas
Louis Colaiannia - Waiting for Her
Peter Kater and Tina Guo - Spirits Entwined
Gina Leneé - The Beautiful, The Broken
Danny Wright - Softly as I Leave You


Saturday ep 190119
Reneé Michele - Montana Breeze
Cory Lavine - Give Thanks  
Sarah Copus - Fields of Gold
Tom Grant - Sighs 'n Whispers
Tingstad & Rumbel ( Eric Tingstad & Nancy Rumbel) - Willow
Starr Parodi - The Heart of Frida
John Mills - Into the dark night
Adam Andrews - Surrounding Hollow
Kathryn Kaye - Winter's Deepest Sleep
Terry Lee Nichols - Reflections
Cathy Oakes - Home with Annie
Reneé Michele - The Space Within


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