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Outdoors: Rainbow connection


During the title credits of the Muppet Movie, we first see a bog, hear the plunking sound of banjo, and finally, we see a green frog named Kermit who is singing about rainbows.

According to Paul Williams, who collaborated with Kenneth Asher to write the "Rainbow Connection," "the big thing with that song was that we had to show that Kermit has an inner life. The song that Kenny and I tried to shoot for was “When You Wish Upon a Star.” When Jiminy Cricket sings that song, it’s so touching."

"We wanted to do something like that with Kermit. He’s a frog. He’s got water. He’s got refracted light. So, he's got rainbows. That seemed like the obvious thing for us to write about."

Rainbows are visions but only illusions. And because of that, every rainbow is unique.

When it shines through raindrops, similar to what happens in a prism, sunlight is reflected (and refracted) creating thousands of different gradations of colors blended into one another to form a glorious multicolored arc.

What you see depends on where you are standing, how tall you are, how close you are to the rain, how high the sun is in the sky, if the raindrops have salt in them, and whether you are seeing a rainbow over land or over water.

Because no two sets of eyes could ever be in the exact same place, the light reaches one person at an angle that is slightly different from that perceived by another.

Not much different, but unique, just as dreams are unique.

The Earth is unique due to its connection to our Sun—the perfect distance resulting in liquid water, making life possible.

My dream (my wish!) would be that we could protect our unique water and our livable climate.

"Who said that every wish would be heard and answered, when wished on a morning star? Somebody thought of that and someone believed it. Look what it’s done so far."

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