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Listen: Manitou Winds, 'Colors passing through us'

Manitou Winds and Thomas Bara during their "Colors Passing through Us" concert

Hear music and poetry from the quintet's recent concert given at Central United Methodist Church in Traverse City.

Manitou Winds recently gave their first seasonal concert in three years.

Members Anne Bara, Sam Clark, Jason McKinney and Lauren Murphy performed with guest hornist Karin Willman and the ensemble's poet/reader Jan Ross.

Organist Thomas Bara joined Manitou Winds for an original composition by McKinney called "Traveling Mercies."

Listen to the music and poetry from the concert on demand in this post.


Marge Piercy, "Colors passing through us"*

Stacey J. Berk, Avian Suite

Emma Trelles, "The Function of a Wing"*

Mary Oliver, "Wild Geese"*

J.T. McKinney, Traveling Mercies

Seamus Haney, "The Peninsula"*

Norman Maclean "A River Runs Through it" (excerpt)*

Richard Rodney Bennett, Travel Notes 2

Bill Bryson, "Neither Here nor There: Travels in Europe"*

Gwen Hart, "The Quaint Seaside Village Will Never be the Same"*

Gordon Jacob, Swansea Town

(encore: the Chicken Dance)

*poetry read by Jan Ross

Please note that the concert recording has been edited for brevity and for clarity.

Stefan Wiebe engineered the audio recordings.

Thanks to Jason McKinney for additional support.

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