When writing novels, Estleman says stick to the rules

Oct 10, 2018

Author Loren Estleman will interview horror writer Joe Hill at the National Writers Series event at the City Opera House in Traverse City.
Credit Deborah Morgan

When Traverse City author Doug Stanton met author Joe Hill at the Savannah Book Festival earlier this year, Stanton invited Hill to come talk about his new book "Strange Weather" at the National Writers Series.


Joe Hill is a New York Times best-selling horror writer, and the son of renowned author Stephen King. He said he didn’t do many publicity events, but if Stanton was able to get award-winning Michigan author Loren Estleman to host the event — then he’d be up for it.

And that’s exactly what Doug Stanton and the National Writers Series did.

Tonight, Loren Estleman will host Joe Hill at the City Opera House in Traverse City.  Estleman has written around 80 books and is known for his crime stories and Westerns. He says there are similarities between the fiction he writes and the horror novels Joe Hill is known for: they both have to be true to the rules. 

"And I don’t mean necessarily strict rules of formula," he explains. "But when you write historical or write a suspense novel, you have to be true to the rules of reality. So in all these genres, you have to stick to a certain codification of rules and regulations — what you can get away with and what you can't."

Loren Estleman will interview Joe Hill at the City Opera House tonight at 7 p.m.