Weather puts pause on Isle Royale wolf relocation

Oct 15, 2018

National park officials will stop bringing wolves to Isle Royale this fall. Four wolves have been relocated to Isle Royale National Park so far, as officials work to keep the island's moose population in check and balance the island's ecosystem.

Originally, the plan was to bring six gray wolves to the island, but recent cold weather, rain and snow showers have made wolf trapping less safe.

"Animal welfare is the primary concerns," says Isle Royale National Park Superintendet Phyllis Green in a press release. "The continued cold weather - which created safety issues for trapping - and high winds and waves in the marine forecast - which created additional issues for transporationt - led to the decision to end this phase of the project a little early."

Green says the next phase could include relocating wolves to the island from Canada this winter.

Eventually 20 to 30 wolves will be brought to the park as part of a multi-year plan.