Transom stories: Line dancing 'just lifts you up'

Aug 3, 2017

Jacquie Gwyn is 73 years old, and she teaches line dancing in Interlochen. 

“It just lifts you up; that’s the best way to put it,” says Jacquie.

Growing up, Jacquie wasn’t allowed to go to dances. She first tried line dancing when her friend invited her to a class. Jacquie was 60 years old then, and she picked it up quickly.

Now, 13 years later, Jacquie is the one teaching.

“I may be tired as a dog from working all day, but when you get on that dance floor, you just get in the rhythm,” she says. “It’s great. There’s no feeling like it.” 

Maddy Russell-Shapiro is an independent radio producer who lives in New York City and San Francisco. She came to Interlochen in June for the Transom Traveling Workshop taught by Rob Rosenthal.