TCAPS board member and retired teacher runs for state House

Jun 23, 2016

Credit Kelly Clark's campaign Facebook Page

There’s a Libertarian in the race for Grand Traverse County’s House seat, Michigan's 104th district.

Kelly Clark is a Traverse City Area Public Schools board member and retired public school teacher.

"The overreach in government right now is at an all time high, and it just keeps expanding," says Clark. "I’m all in favor of minimum government and maximum freedom."

Clark says, to start, there are way too many taxes in Michigan.

He also says the state's education system is headed in an "incredibly short-sighted" direction.

He wants the state legislature to talk about voucher programs.

"If TCAPS says for example, 'Yep, we can educate your student for $9,000,' great," says Clark. "If you want to send them to a private school, and the private school says, 'Well, it's actually $10,000 here.' Well, you're going to have to pay that $1,000 out of pocket."

Clark says the state has to try something new with education, and letting people choose if their tax dollars go to a private or public school is worth trying.

"I just think that people should be able to have a say in where and how their children are educated, " Clark says, "and then it gives them a little bit more control of the tax dollars they're putting in."

Clark says winning the race will be an uphill battle but this is an opportunity to get the Libertarian platform out there.

"And see if people really want to take an examination of what their beliefs are, and then see why the Libertarian party is a great fit for most people," Clark says. "It takes the best things from the Republicans and the Democrats, I believe, [by] being fiscally and economically responsible and at the same time being socially tolerant."

Clark says he’d like to continue serving on the TCAPS school board if he can.