Submit your greeting for Kids Commute

Aug 24, 2017


We start out Kids Commute every day with the voices it's intended for - kids!   

Here's how to hear YOUR voice on Kids Commute:

  1. SUBMIT YOUR OWN RECORDING.  Record your Kids' Commute greeting on a cell phone or computer microphone, and send the audio file to .
  2. LEAVE YOUR RECORDING ON OUR VOICE MAIL! Call IPR at 231-276-4444 and leave your Kids Commute greeting as a recording. 

Don't worry if you goof up or it isn't perfect - we'll take care of all of that.  

Sometimes it helps to have kids say the phrases a few words at a time. Don't worry about long pauses in between phrases - we can edit them.  

What should your greeting say?

"Hi, my name is [YOUR FIRST NAME], I'm [YOUR AGE] years old, and you're listening to Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio!"

Young musicians - here's how to hear your performance AND greeting on the show!

Record yourself playing the Kids Commute theme with your intro!  In that case, your intro would go like this:

"Hi, I'm [YOUR FIRST NAME], I'm [YOUR AGE] years old, and I play [YOUR INSTRUMENT]. You're listening to Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio!" 

Then... play our theme! We have the sheet music for you here. Click the image to see it larger.

Here's what the theme sounds like on a piano:

Don't worry if you need to play it slower - play it at whatever speed you're comfortable!  

We've placed it in several ranges to make it easier for you depending on the instrument you play.  

Here's the sheet music for the Kids Commute theme in four different ranges. Pick the one for your instrument!