In Studio A with Matthew Duvall, Eighth Blackbird Percussionist

Apr 6, 2018

Eighth Blackbird percussionist Matthew Duvall played Korean Temple Bells, the piano...and the cowbell! in Studio A.

Eighth Blackbird percussionist Matthew Duvall performed excerpts from John Cage's In a Landscape and Steve Reich's Clapping in Studio A at Classical IPR.

Duvall talked with IPR's Kate Botello about the significance of Reich's work, his influences, and how Reich affects what Duvall calls, "rhythmic perception."

Eighth Blackbird will perform the works of Steve Reich (Sextet and Music for 18 Musicians) with Third Coast Percussion in Corson auditorium tonight at 7:30 p.m. For more details, visit

Matthew had so much more to say, play and's the expanded version of our interview. In it, we learn more about minimalism, Steve Reich's influences, how rhythm is interpreted by the ear...and what makes this music such a fun playground to play in!

In the following recording, Matthew discusses and performs the following works:

  • In a Landscape, by John Cage (piano)
  • Clapping, by Steve Reich (Korean temple blocks and cowbell)
  • Switch, by Eric Griswold (Korean temple blocks)
  • Wed, by David Lang (piano)
  • The Days Run Away, by Peter Garland (piano)

Many thanks to Matthew for the master class!