Stateside: Soybean farmer on trade war; Dirt City Sanctuary; solutions to teacher shortage

Sep 26, 2018
Originally published on September 27, 2018 3:16 pm

Today on Stateside, we hear from a Michigan soybean farmer on how President Trump's escalating trade war with China is projected to affect the state's agriculture producers. Plus, Stateside's education commentator Matinga Ragatz weighs in on the teacher shortage crisis facing Michigan schools. 

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Michigan soybean farmer: Aid from federal government a “band-aid package”

  •   Soybean farmer Jim Domagalski discusses how the Trump administration's $250 billion tariffs imposed on China will affect the price and demand of soybeans in Michigan. 

Medical historian Dr. Howard Markel reflects on the life of acclaimed composer George Gershwin

  •   UM medical historian Dr. Howard Markel talks about the life and death of George Gershwin, a celebrated early-20th-century composer who died of brain cancer at the age of 38. 

Ragatz: the long-term solution to Michigan's teacher shortage is more respect for the profession

  • Matinga Ragatz, Stateside’s new education commentator, shares her take on why Michigan teachers are leaving schools, the merit of "alternative certification" as a short-term solution to the problem, and the students that this shortage is affecting most. 

Finding a community helped West Michigan man kick addiction. Now, he’s helping others do the same.

  •  Tyler Trowbridge, Stacy Peck, and Wendy Botts discuss the path that led them to conceive Dirt City Sanctuary, a community-based residential recovery facility for people struggling with addiction. (Originally aired June 18, 2018)

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