Stateside: School reopening bills; wealth gap persists for Black families; 1A host Jenn White

Aug 17, 2020

Today on Stateside, a familiar voice to Michigan Radio listeners has taken the mic on the national stage. A conversation with Jenn White, host of NPR’s 1A, who will host Stateside tomorrow. Plus, what a breakthrough on the state’s Return to Learn bills will mean for schools preparing to start this fall. And, in a continuation of our summer series on systemic racism, how lack of access to capital and intergenerational wealth affects Black Americans.

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Educators split on “Return to Learn” bills passed by Michigan Legislature

  • Doug Pratt is the Director of Public Affairs for the Michigan Education Association
  • Robert McCann is Executive Director of Tri-County Alliance for Public Education 

Black Americans face major barriers to building intergenerational wealth

  • Joe Darden is a professor of geography at Michigan State University, he studies urban social geography with topics like residential segregation.
  • Charles Ballard is a professor of economics at Michigan State University

NPR host Jenn White discusses her career, from Michigan Radio to 1A

  • Jenn White is the host of NPR’s 1A and the former host of All Things Considered for Michigan Radio.
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