Stateside: Midland dam owners delayed repairs for years; COVID-19 creates new challenges for farms

May 28, 2020
Originally published on May 28, 2020 9:24 pm

Today on Stateside, we touched base with agriculture workers, and what some farmers are doing to keep their seasonal employees safe. Plus, writer Donavan Hohn talks about the inner coast explored in his new essay collection.

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How heirs to the Boy Scout founder’s fortune came to own Midland’s dams

  • Kelly House is a reporter for Bridge Magazine.

New book of essays from Donovan Hohn looks at balancing nature and humanity, tool collecting, and more

  • Donavan Hohn teaches creative writing at Wayne State University and has written and edited for the New York Times, Harpers, and GQ.

Farmers and farmworkers grapple with keeping food supply open while keeping workers safe

  • Fred Leitz and his brothers run Leitz farms, a fourth-generation operation growing blueberries, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, tomatoes, and apples in Sodus Township.
  • Teresa Hendricks is the director and a senior iltigator with Migrant Legal Aid.
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