Stateside: Detroit archdiocese responds to AG; legally dubious CBD; ballot initiative runarounds

Feb 22, 2019

Today on Stateside, the priest in charge of processing cases of sexual abuse by clergy in the Detroit diocese responds to state Attorney General Dana Nessel’s call for the Catholic church to stop investigating itself. Plus, the legal gray area around growing – and selling – hemp and its products, including CBD oil.    

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Roundup: Minimum wage, sick time laws and Whitmer’s second DEQ restructure

  • We talk to our Friday political commentators about the minimum wage and paid sick leave laws that go into effect at the end of March. We also get their take on Governor Whitmer’s second attempt at reorganizing the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, and a report showing that Michigan has a “leaky” teacher pipeline.  
  • John Sellek is CEO of the public relations firm Harbor Strategic, and has worked in communications for two Republican state attorney generals. Vicki Barnett is a former mayor of Farmington Hills and a former Democratic state legislator.

Farm Bill made hemp legal. But farmers looking to grow it face regulatory hurdles.

  • It’s now legal to grow hemp, thanks to the recently-passed Farm Bill. Hemp is a cannabis plant, but has far less THC – the compound that gets you high – than marijuana plants. But despite the go ahead on growing hemp, there’s still legal questions about selling hemp and products derived from it – like CBD oil.
  • We talk to Denise Pollicella, founder and managing partner of Cannabis Attorneys of Michigan about the legal restrictions on CBD and other hemp products.

Cheers! Mardi Gras and the history of the Hurricane

  • If the paczki in your local grocery store hasn’t tipped you off, Mardi Gras is just around the corner. And what better way to celebrate than with a cocktail from the city that does Mardi Gras best? Tammy Coxen of Tammy's Tastings shares her recipe for a Hurricane, the iconic New Orleans spiked slushy (minus the red food coloring). 

Providers coming together to improve access, care for kids with mental health disorders

  • The lack of mental health services for children in Michigan is reaching a crisis point. That's what we've been hearing all week from providers, parents, and advocates. A new coalition called Michigan Advocates for Youth Behavioral Health is hoping to be part of a solution.
  • Stateside talks to Lawrence Burns, president and CEO of the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation. Burns helps lead the coalition, and he tells us what can be done to make it easier for kids to get the mental health help they need.

Detroit archdiocese says it will continue investigating clergy sex abuse, despite AG’s request

On Thursday, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel called for the state’s seven Catholic bishops to stop investigations into clergy sex abuse. But some church leaders say they are bound by church law to investigate certain allegations. 

  • Stateside talks to Monsignor Michael Bugarin about how the Detroit archdiocese is responding to the attorney general’s demands. Bugarin was appointed by Detroit Archbishop Allen Vigneron to process all cases involving sexual abuse of minors or vulnerable adults by clergy.

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