Stateside: Coronavirus capacity; woman behind Elliot-Larsen; clerks on absentee ballots, turnout

Mar 10, 2020

Today on Stateside, people around the state are casting their votes in the presidential primary and for more than 200 local ballot initiatives. We'll hear about turnout and tabulation, and what makes a teenager want to work a 13-hour day at the polls. Plus, we talk to the Michigan's chief medical officer about the state's capacity to test people for COVID-19. 

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Elections expert says there will be vote count delays in November without legislative action

  • Chris Thomas is the former elections director for the state of Michigan.

The political pioneer who gave Michigan's civil rights law its name

  • Jillian Reese is Curator of Exhibits at the Michigan History Center.

State's chief medical officer talks COVID-19 testing kits, system preparedness

  • Dr. Joneigh Khaldun is Michigan's chief medical officer.

As voters head to polls, Michigan clerks work to count surge of absentee ballots

  • Jan Roncelli is clerk for Bloomfield Township.
  • Joel Hondorp is city clerk for Grand Rapids.
  • Chris Swope is city clerk for Lansing.

Two young poll workers say they like being part of the Election Day process

  • Payton Alexa is a high school senior in Ann Arbor.
  • Olivia Andrews-Vaughn is a high school junior in Ann Arbor. 
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