'Songs of comfort and healing' with the Detroit Medical Orchestra

Dec 22, 2020

Violinist and medical student Darion Twitty performs with members of the Detroit Medical Orchestra recently

Even during a pandemic, the medical professionals in the Detroit Medical Orchestra found time to come together (at a distance) to perform music for the holiday season.

The Detroit Medical Orchestra was founded in 2009. Its musicians are professionals in medical or related fields.

Listen below, or scroll down to watch the video of their recent chamber concert called "Songs of Comfort and Healing."


Yuki Mack, piano
Laura Palmieri, R.N., harp
Darion Twitty (medical student), violin
Ted Lasker, M.M., cello
Nina Flanigan, M.A., bells/egg shakers
Michelle S. Lynch, PsyD, LP, CMP, bells/egg Shakers