Show Tunes with Kate Botello - Episode 28

Oct 23, 2016

The delightful musical director, arranger and performer joins us at Intermission for a war story about a Broadway Legend, and we'll hear a tune from his album, "Forever After."

Welcome to Episode 28 of Show Tunes with Kate Botello! Coming up: foodies, take note. We’ve got a smorgasbord of food-related tunes coming your way. Then, some odes to the trials and joys of being alive. At Intermission, musical director Brian Nash stops by to tell us a story about a Broadway legend from one of his many fascinating gigs, and we’ll hear a cut from his album, Forever After.

Click through for this week's playlist and our featured video clip: Lauren Bacall goes wild!

This week's playlist:

  • OLIVER! (1960) - Overture/Food, Glorious Food!
  • THE LITTLE MERMAID: THE MUSICAL (2008) - Les Poissons
  • THE MUSICAL OF MUSICALS: THE MUSICAL! (2003) - Oh, What Beautiful Corn!
  • SHE LOVES ME REVIVAL (1963/2016 revival): Vanilla Ice Cream
  • NEXT TO NORMAL (2009) - I'm Alive!
  • APPLAUSE (1970) - But Alive!
  • COMPANY (1970) - Being Alive

Brian J Nash

INTERMISSION: Musical director, arranger and performer Brian J. Nash has a really interesting career. He’s worked in any kind of theater you can think of, with an incredible variety of people. He tells us a wonderful Patti LuPone story. We don't want to spoil it for you here, but please do call the phone number (231) 276-4444 that we mention on the show. We'll air our favorite comments!

  • THE FANTASTICKS (1960) -  This Plum is Too Ripe
  • CANDIDE (1956) - Quiet
  • INTO THE WOODS (1987) - Your Fault/Last Midnight
  • OLIVER! (1962) - Finale

As promised, here's Lauren Bacall really letting loose in a Village bar in APPLAUSE. She's clearly having a grand time. On a superficial note of appreciation, Ms. Bacall does a wild dance routine, and somehow her hair just stays fabulous throughout.

Did you spend some time on the boards yourself? We'd love to hear your Musical Theatre War Stories - and share them on the air! Tell us about your biggest triumphs, your catastrophic failures, your near-misses and brilliant saves. We'd also love to hear what fabulous things in your life that you'd like Patti LuPone to fix! Call the IPR Comment Line at 231-276-4444 and leave us a message. We'd also love to hear your Show Tune requests so we can play your favorites!