Second elk poached in northern Michigan

Nov 22, 2019


The second illegally killed bull elk was found near Teets Trail, west of Voyer Lake Road in Montmorency County.
Credit Michigan DNR

A second elk has been poached in northern Michigan.

The state’s Department of Natural Resources says a bull elk was shot earlier this week in Montmorency County, north of Atlanta.

Another elk was shot last weekend in the Pigeon River State Forest in Otsego County.

DNR Lieutenant Jim Gorno says he believes a hunter may have mistook the most recent elk for a deer.

“I don’t believe that hunters, true hunters have anything to do with this,” Gorno says. “I think it’s a person out there that has no idea what they’re doing… attempting to hunt. And then just end up poaching an animal.”

DNR officers say they have a suspect for the earlier crime thanks to tips from the public. They asks people with tips to call the poaching information line at 800-292-7800.