Port Huron Paper Applauds Bay Mills

Nov 30, 2010

A newspaper in Port Huron is applauding an Upper Peninsula tribe for opening a casino other tribes call "illegal."

The Bay Mills Indian Community quietly launched a small casino in Vanderbilt, north of Gaylord. It's been widely speculated that the northern Michigan casino is a test case and that the tribe really has its eye on the state's "Thumb."

Editors of The Herald Times in Port Huron say a casino would be a welcome boon to that a city with a 25 percent jobless rate, and they hope Bay Mills is victorious.

The tribe did not go through the regular approval process with the Vanderbilt casino. Instead it argues a new legal theory that it doesn't need to go through those channels.

Five other tribes say this is not fair competition. They also say, if Bay Mills wins, Indian nations could build casinos pretty much anywhere they want.