Political decisions, racism, ineptitude: Digging into the origins of the Flint water crisis

Apr 27, 2017
Originally published on April 25, 2017 7:26 pm

It's been three years since Flint's ill-fated switch to the Flint River as its' drinking water source.

Then-Mayor Dayne Walling pushed the button that ended 50 years of getting Detroit water.

A bunch of city and state officials literally toasted the occasion with glasses of river water. They promised people "shouldn't notice any difference," and said, "This is indeed the best choice for the city of Flint going forward."

Curt Guyette, an investigative reporter with the Michigan ACLU, has covered the Flint water disaster from the very beginning. He's written "A deep dive into the source of Flint's water crisis" for the Metro Times.

Listen to Stateside's conversation with Guyette above.

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