Points North: Forests need human help

Oct 23, 2020


The cut at this site is called shelter wood. About half the tree canopy was left after harvest. The forest floor was later turned up with construction equipment to allow more seeds to germinate.
Credit Peter Payette / Interlochen Public Radio

Young trees have a tough time growing in many northern Michigan forests. That might sound strange since our region is full of trees, but many hardwood species can’t produce seedlings faster than deer can eat them. On this episode of Points North, hear about an idea to solve this problem that might sound counterintuitive: more aggressive logging.

Plus, meet a man who mills all kinds of logs at his sawmill in Karlin — wood that would otherwise be left to rot. Dan Zezulka says cutting open a log is like opening a Christmas present, "it can surprise you."


Wood milled by Dan Zezulka.
Credit Fred Keeslar