Points North, Ep. 48: High water threatens Point Betsie, and what's next for commercial fishing?

Feb 14, 2020

This week on Points North: The foundation of the historic Point Betsie Lighthouse in Frankfort is crumbling.

High waters and waves cracked the barrier that protects it from Lake Michigan.

Plus, there are not many commercial fishers left in the Great Lakes.

In Michigan, they have long been at odds with the state Department of Natural Resources.

Now people who catch fish to sell say the state is attempting to put them out of business.



High water threatens Frankfort's Point Betsie Lighthouse
The barrier that separates Point Betsie Lighthouse from Lake Michigan gets pounded by waves.
Credit Taylor Wizner / Interlochen Public Radio

Large waves and Lake Michigan’s record high water level is breaking down the barrier that protects the historic Point Betsie Lighthouse in Frankfort. 

Key parts of the structure are fractured and falling apart.

Supporters of the lighthouse are trying to get repairs done but a lengthy process may stand in the way.

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Michigan’s feud over Great Lakes fish moves to Senate
A drone captured an aerial photo of Fishtown in Leland, Michigan.Credit Gary Langley, an FAA certified sUAS pilotEdit | Remove




Commercial fishers are in an uproar about legislation that passed the Michigan House of Representatives last week. 

They say it’s the latest attempt to end commercial fishing in the Great Lakes state.

DNR officials say they are just updating archaic laws.

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