Points North, Ep. 30: Behind bars in Baldwin

Sep 20, 2019

This week on Points North, a private prison in Baldwin will hold immigrants convicted of crimes. Some nearby residents argue it will bring jobs to the area, while others want nothing to do with it.

Plus hear about a legal scholar turned writer whose stories brought her back to northern Michigan.

Immigrant prison to open in Northern Michigan
In October, GEO Group will open a prison to house immigrants convicted of crimes.
Credit Taylor Wizner

Starting Oct. 1, a private prison in northern Michigan will house immigrants convicted of crimes. Critics say these privately-run prisons are harmful to inmates and claim prison operator GEO Group is taking advantage of a desperate community.

But many residents support the correctional facility.

Hear about the facility opening in the small village of Baldwin.

As leaves fall, Michigan officials hope tourism numbers rise
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Summer is usually Michigan's biggest tourism season, but fall isn't far behind. Fall officially starts on Sunday, Sept. 22, and the state is hoping for a big turnout from tourists. 

Scholar-turned-writer returned to northern Michigan through prose
The Wolfkeeper, stories by Carolyn Lewis
Credit Amazon

Carolyn Lewis wasn’t a fiction writer by trade, but was drawn back to her home on Old Mission Peninsula as she grew older.

Now, less than a year after her untimely death, Lewis' stories are being collected and published for the first time in a beautifully illustrated volume titled, The Wolfkeeper.


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